Music of the Month: May!


How are you doing. Today, I’m here to tell you my playlist for this month. I hope you check these song out. And I’m sure you will like them. Lets get started!

Song #1



This song is stuck into my mind these days. The lyrics are awesome and the excellent vocal of Jennie, makes this song my favourite in the playlist. Go, check out the song, hope you will like it as well.



This song is too good. Amazing Rap as well as vocal vibes. You need to check this song out, who is you bias from txt? Mine is taehyun! Go check out this song!

Song #3

Bad Guy _ Billie eilish

I like this song so much. Billie eilish deep voice, and the lyrics. It is kinda scary song, which kind of scares me at night. But, don’t worry it won’t scare you. lol, I’m sorry for being awkward. But check it out, it’s good.

Song #4

Kill this love _ blackpink

I like it so much. Lisa’s rap is too good. Go check it out as well. You might have listened to it if you are an kpop stan!