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The glistening stars in the sky. that moon is shining above. there are brightly lit buildings all around, in this small world. we are shining brightly under it, in our own stars! In our own light! Some lights are ambitious, Some lights are rebellious. Everyone is shining, everyone is precious. At night darkness, we shine bright like a star. we cannot see each other’s light. we all are shining, but blinded by the light of our pride. but, we? we are the shining stars shining brighter in the darkest night. 7 billion lives, our world is a dark in the night. let us shine and make our dreams come to life. because i and you shine brighter above anyone else. If the night is shining, it is not because of the moon and the star. but it is because of us, because of our light! In this little world we shine, in this place right here, bounded by The stars and lights called “people”,We’re shining. the world thinks we can’t do whatever we want, we can shine brighter than the stars in the sky and can easily prove them wrong. to get this alright we have to work hard, believe in our dreams and go on because we are something that can change this world. Make it more brighter than before. So, don’t be afraid and go on follow your dreams. and show the world that we can do it. IN THIS SMALL WORLD https://youtu.be/LXOJk2PFKgY

Perhaps the reason this night looks so beautiful
Is not because of these stars or light, but us”
XX Dua XX ♡


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Have you ever seen a person being so nice to you? I’ve not maybe but the person dissappear after sometimes. It means that I should not trust anyone because I’ve never seen a person ending up being loyal. Loyalty is in person’s heart. But oh my! Sad to say I’ve never seen a person ending loyal. I’m not slandering everyone. Not even saying that everyone is like that. Because I’m talking about my experience, what I got to find out in my life. I don’t know why they do this to me. Nah man again! I’m not slandering anyone. That’s what I felt, by myself. I have no idea why people are like this. They say they’ll help you in even bad times. And leaves when their use ends. Don’t ever believe that the person in front of you is best because he or she might leave. I’m not saying leave your love ones but just don’t believe them so much that when they’ll leave. You’ll cry your heart out. Not everyone is that bad not everyone leaves, I believe, some stay too. But not everyone! I’m sorry if I’m repeating my words again and again, I’m just helping you understand my thoughts on this. It’s been some days, since I had a best friend, she is not with me rn. because she is with someone else. It’s okay! Maybe my God have better plans for me.

“Jamais vu, a person who is loyal.”
(Never seen, a person who is loyal)

May God bless you. ThankYou for reading ♡♡


Map of The Soul

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Hi! Have you ever asked yourself, why are you alive? Why were you born, No idea? Maybe, you think just to live a life. Nah man! It is so much more than this. You were born because of a purpose, maybe you know the purpose or maybe not. But the purpose of our living is clear that we have to live accordingly to our GOD’S saying, as he wants us to live. He says that we should obey his rules, help other, be kind and helpful. But what is the purpose of ourselves? Ask that question in the mirror, ask yourself. What was you born for? You were born to have your identity, your reputation. You know that if we help someone, we will be called a good person. And vice versa. So we have to be that way to be called a good person. People would know your persona. Again! Look in the mirror and look at yourself. Smile at yourself. Think that you’re the best person alive and be more than that. Stay happy and healthy. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as you should be healthy, wealthy and wise. May God bless each and everyone because everyone’s have hearts. They get hurt, people hurt them just by saying that they don’t like them. Don’t worry, don’t be depressed. Feel good about yourself because you know the map of your soul. The world around us is not alright so be a nice person to yourself and be happy!

Stay blessed, xx Dua xx ♡