love poem

Making this evening beautiful,

Where did you fly away?

I didn’t knew I had to look for,

What you’re doing to us!

Now we both are trapped inside,

In this deadly world.

Now there is no space left,

Between You & I.

Why’d you become so reckless,

In this waves of grief?

These people are in search

For us to proclaim us,

Because they are the one,,

Who wanted to break us!

_ Dua Siddiqui.


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love poem, Poems!

Urge me to run away,

Across boundaries of wars,

And black mornings,

Eventually turning into ashes

While deafened by the cacophony.

Mothers prayed for their children ,

Prayed for a safe haven.

They saw the fading light of homes

Being burnt to death

While the epic glory of tireless bloodshed,

Made way into a deadspin of history.

Wombs were sought-after

For no Haven this safe exists.

For your punch on those keys,

Is a rebellion against the tide.

We were taught to dream,

For a home of fortitude, love.

Limping on my belief of mercy,

I mark you on that golden masonry.

Waving at me, flickering into this daunting sunlight.

We’ve certainly been raised,

In a way that dreads tears.

Being a guiding light on the verge of a shutdown,

In itself is a kryptonite.

To all those who yearn for home,

A place to delve and relish,

Savour and plenish,

Until our kinship outlives all the perils.

We’re too young to talk about “Home”.

Meaningless, yet a delight in one’s own plight.

We’re wearing sleeves, worth mourning,

In this stricken Paradise across borders.

There is no where they could find peace,

The people fighting hard to survive,

The moment ever had to happen

The moon and sun are the witness

Everything that happened was just a quick dream

We woke up again, now gotta feel the breaking

Not only the rough time was the reason.

Everyone was busy on the hurting,

Then a moment came when there was a generation gap

The people came had different aims

They want to connect and wanna feel that way

Always feel beloved to talk to them

May not that bad as we heard about them

But absolute lovely and helpful gentlemen.

There may be some sort of disruption

I had many assumptions, had to ask them if they are like that,

We’re might be in the chaos, and had no chance

But there still a connection between us

Our heart still beats with the beats of their hearts

Some of these people make you fall in love

I had a dream to have a lovely friend

Found a neighbouring country with a beautiful folks

I hope we still can leave together…

© Dua ▪ Samyak.


This is a collab between Me and my friend, A beautiful writter Samyak. Go show him some love. He is way too deserving 💕

Pic credit: Noor unnahar.


love poem

The first time my eyes met yours

And my heart started beating faster

I started sweating, my heart is kinda pounding

The racing beat of his heart,

Pulsated under my finger tips…

The first time I felt I had feelings

Or I could feel my heartbeat..

I could feel how I start stumbling on my words

Said something crazy instead of saying that

I don’t know what you’re to me..

But I can say you are ruining me…..

© Dua Siddiqui.


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By my side.

love poem

The sweet scent of yours

Which I could smell from

A millions miles away..

But believe my baby I

Love to keep you by my side..

Your presence is a gift

I thank to Lord for it..

Thanks for existing

My love works like friction…

It goes straight from my heart to you

You’re my heart in this crew..

© duasiddiqui


For someone, I really love to keep by my side.

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Escape from the cage.


Some how my life got better,

When he knocked in.

I forgot the way to the door,

From which I was locked in..

Somehow I started loving the cage

when my soul craved for his love..

And then my pluviophile soul,

Began to scream.

As it heard the sound of raining

It couldn’t resist..

I placed my hands on his hands..

And escaped with him, ran away from the cage..

And then I flew high in the sky,

To meet my pleasure..

Somehow I went in rain,

With my prisoner in my cage….

© duasiddiqui


Fiction, How I fell in love with my lover….

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The heart of a lover.

love poem, My Thoughts! My words!, Poems!

Standing in a million

Still can find you

Don’t you think,

I really like you!

I don’t how it started

Or how it’d went

But I’m pretty sure

That I’ll have you till then..

You are the spark in my eyes

That shines brighter than the light

The moon and the sky

Now gives me no surprise

That your eyes do…!
© duasiddiqui


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Can’t take my eyes off you!

love poem

I’m sorry to say

But I’m done

I didn’t wanted to

But I fell in love

There is something

In your eyes

On which I couldn’t


There was something

Different from all those eyes

And I fell in love

With your ocean eyes……

Somehow I had no control

Your affection was beyond the sky

Which made me fly really high

In the dreams of getting

Love from you……

I still remember the day I met

The day I felt you in my veins

And somehow I had convinced

That thunder of your fiery eyes….
© DuaSiddiqui


This is inspired by someone’s eyes. Hoped you liked it. let me now in the comment section below!

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