My paperback is released…


Guys guys guys! I’m so excited and happy to say my paperback book is now available to buy. Go buy your copiessss, I know you won’t regret buying it.

Here is the link. Go and get the copy

I had a dream: Proses and poems (Poetry)

My e-book is finally here!


Hey guys! How are you? I’m good. I’ve just released my e-book on amazon it is available for pre-orders. It will be released on 13 march 2020.

InshaAllah my paper back would be available in a few days. I’ll let you know.

The heart of a lover.

love poem, My Thoughts! My words!, Poems!

Standing in a million

Still can find you

Don’t you think,

I really like you!

I don’t how it started

Or how it’d went

But I’m pretty sure

That I’ll have you till then..

You are the spark in my eyes

That shines brighter than the light

The moon and the sky

Now gives me no surprise

That your eyes do…!
© duasiddiqui


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Nap of a Star..!

My Thoughts! My words!, Poems!

I’m a star! You’re a star, we all are stars. We just don’t have opportunity to work it out. We’re like napping, we don’t have any idea about it, about ourselves we can do whatever we want. I and you are not useless, we’re just sleeping not knowing what we can do. We can change the world! There’s nothing we can not do, we can do anything if there is God’s will. We should try to find, why were we born, what is the purpose of our life? Everyone is a star and can show the world their strength by Bringing out their inner affection and their strength, so do what you want, achieve your dreams because only you know that you can accomplish it..!