Night is Fascinating….!

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Have you ever lay straight on a garden, at the night, looking at the sky. Doesn’t it feel fascinating? Like, it is such a beauty. The whole night view is a beauty, the moon and the stars look incredibly beautiful at night. And steal your sight by just shining. The sky seems most beautiful thing at the night. It is beautiful, and have a lovely scenery look. Thanks to God, who made this beautiful scenery to experience everyday. As I remember, being a child I used to lay at my roof and start to feel the beauty. We should try to find the beauty in everything, the night might seems dark, but it is the most alluring time of day. My favourite thing in the night time is that we could sleep right under the sky, and we can experience eye-catching look of the sky. If you haven’t try it yet, try it now. It feels the most delightful day you’ve ever experienced.

My Journey with BTS ☆

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Have you ever heard of Kpop? Kpop bands? Let me tell you. I’m a Kpop stan and I’m going to share my journey with BTS. How I got to know them, and how I feel about them! I didn’t knew about BTS OR KPOP till 2018. I was a belieber by then. I always caught three of my classmates talking about BTS. On 5 Feb 2019, I came and asked who are they? they explained me each and everything. As I went home, I saw the Fake Love Mv. And what happened is completely expected. I went JUNGKOOK on their voices with those moves. I liked it a little bit so I tried jamming it for some days and after, it became my favourite song of that time. My friends always caught me singing that. I was impressed with Fake love but not BTS by then and whenever I tried to listen another song, I don’t feel good and want to change it to Fake Love. In easy words I had an Obsession with Fake love, after some days I thought why shouldn’t I tried watching another mv. I searched BTS Most popular MV and ended up watching DNA. I really loved the vibes in that song. After some days of jamming, I started to watch introduction videos to find out who is who? Because you know they’re hard to differentiate at first look. The first one I got was Jin and I really liked his style and his confidence about his personality. I became a Jin stan before BTS Stan. I tried to learn their names and fake love ofc. At first I thought that the English lyrics are also sung by them but afterwards I got know that they are translated by bilingual Army’s. Some days went by and I started loving their music, like each and everyone. Each of the song became my favourite. I really loved to sing in a different language. I got to find that they had alot of fans all around the world. And also in PAKISTAN ♡ so here I became an Offical Army on 14 February 2019.

I’m not what you see…..

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I’m not what you see, what you heard and what you got to know from others! I’m what, I was before. I truly accept my past and my mistakes, and all of it is between my God and I. No one has right to speak to me on this. You might have heard alot of bad things about me, or even that I’m not a caring and nice person. You might have also heard that I hurt people’s feelings. But I’m not what you see, everyone has different inside and outside. If I seem like I’m rude, you should know that I might be frustrated. As I truly believe that I’m a loving, a caring person. People see what’s on outside and don’t know what’s going inside us. How much our inner selves hurt. How much we are going through. They just know how to throw mud on our face. I’m what I’m inside, I’m broken, I’m hurt and maybe I could call myself dead Inside. All those screams, shatters my heart. They see that I’m happy but they don’t even know that I cry tons of tears everday. They judge you, hate you. But thanks to God, who gave me power to suffer all these things and thanks to myself that I’ve learned to love myself.

21st Century World…. Not a good one!

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Hi! Are you fine, you okay? Because I’m not. I’m hurt by the people I know, I believe em and I end up being hurt. What I say that I’m fine but my I’m fine has alot of words behind it. Everyone’s life is depressed, not only mine for sure. I get discouraged sometimes by myself. I’m not slandering anyone is what I always say but I end up slandering them. That’s how I got hurt by my own self. I feel like I’ve done my best on project and end up being called mad. Because, 21 century is nothing better than the early 19s. People had a lovely life back then, without any technologies or any social bullies. In my opinion, Life was much more better. People nowadays can’t stop discouraging someone, getting them in trouble. It does hurt, don’t you agree? 21 century is not a good time. Where young girls focus on fashion and trend while their olders are busy in spending day out. That’s what happening. Everything is going in a bad way. People take drugs nowadays, just because they can’t handle the pain anymore. The overdose it, and end up dying. Bullying is at its peak this century. They call people wrong in what the do, people are told not to do anything or else they’ll be killed or harmed. Each and everything is going on a bad way. And our earth is ending up being people having no education and wasting their time on social media. Which only harms them, and leave scars to their mind. Everything can be used in a good way. You can use it to increase its information. Your self-confidence. But nah man! This century sucks!

Be yourself..

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Here are some post from the series yourself!

Love yourself, I’ll be posting embrace yourself soon ♡

I have a question, have you ever tried to copy someone? Maybe in a right way? Everyone has, I used to do it too. But as I grew up, i got to learn that instead of copying someone. We should make our own style. The way we live, we style should inspire other. Being inspired by someone is not wrong, but copying is not a chance as you can do it better your own. Because who know that how could you do better than him or her. You should have your own originality. People should get inspired by the way you look, you talk. I repeat that getting inspired is not a bad thing but may be it could be considered a good thing but copying Nah! It doesn’t work for everyone. Actually, being yourself is worth more than copying anyone else. You should try to be original as much as you can, enhance if you think that you’re not good at something. But never try to copy it from someone. Someone once said that

“Don’t set sail by using someone’s else star!”

You got it? Right. Let’s move on if you keep copying something remember you’ll always be one step behind them. Copying others is okay, but being original is an art. Because each one of us hate copycats, don’t we? There’s another saying

“You know you’re winning, when you see you’re being copied”

Don’t copy me, I’m tired of having a clone. It frustrates us sometimes, if someone does copies us. But it’s okay, as I said in the previous quote, it’s dope. Lol I’m sorry I’m so awkward. And also don’t forget to comment down what you think about this topic, I’m waiting for your comments.


Loads of love.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. 

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Hi. Have you ever tried doing something, and failed at it? I happens alot, Like alot. But, have you ever didn’t do anything because you were afraid that it will be impossible to complete. But remember, a thing seems impossible until it’s done. How? If you think that you can’t, no man! Nothing is impossible, we can do whatever we want, If God doesn’t denys it. Everything will be easier if you think it is easy. Our brains follow our hearts. If you can believe in yourself, you’ll get it. Of you won’t, it won’t work as well. Think good, be good, feel good. Don’t think that you don’t have power to complete it, even if it is the hardest thing in the world, keep telling yourself that it’s easy, it’s easy. And it’ll make it easy-going and you’ll achieve what you want. You want to achieve your goals, right? Then, Make it right. How? Believe in yourself, embrace yourself. As I always say, that loving yourself would always help you through harsh time. Thought come to our mind and we get nervously confused. But, if we focus on result or Success it’ll be easy to achieve something. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work hard. Obviously, working hard is the key.

xxDuaxx ♡

You can’t appreciate light without darkness….

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As you all know, that I can’t resist quotes. Whenever i hear a quote, I simply want to explain my thoughts on it. Here you go. It is a saying that “without darkness, you can’t really appreciate darkness” Ya Gurl, I totally agree with it. Life is sometimes hard, and sometimes so easy that you pray you could live forever. Don’t you agree with me? You totally do. If life gives you something hard, it is confirmed that something good is coming to you. Don’t worry, be happy as I always say. Being rude with yourself is not a chance. If you want to get happy, pray and pray and meditate. You’ll be relaxed as well as happy with your life. I have a question, if life will be not nice? Would you be able to find what’s nice to you? No! Because “you can’t see a rainbow, without a little rain” it means totally same as well as “you can’t shine, without polish”. This is what I think about this quote. Here you go. Thanks for reading ♡

Music Of the month: June!

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Everyone has different thinking about Music. What I think is that Music is like a friend. It helps you through harsh time, it is also filled with emotions to which we can relate. Sometimes, we have feeling like the song was made for us only. This series was created by a lovely writer and a nice blogger Chloe Luna. I’m really inspired by her writing style and everything. Don’t forget to check her playlist for this month. here!. Let’s get Started about the music I had on my playlist this month.

☆☆ Dimple/ illegirl _ BTS ☆☆

Check this lyric Video out ♡

This song is stuck into my mind after BTS 5th muster. The choreography is ahhh, I can’t describe in words. Check the performance here. I wish if I could attend but nah! I can’t never. But this song, it’s dope.

☆☆ Magic Shop _ BTS ☆☆

check this lyrics video out ♡

This song Ahh. It gives me the best vibes ever. As I always say, that bts’s vocal line is so melodious that their songs touch your heart. This is not a vocal line song, but Ahh it is so melodious. Simply the most lovely song ever.


check this lyric Video out ♡

This song seriously gives me magic shop vibes. It’s a lovely song again. A song is lovely if BTS sang it. I love this song go check it out.

☆☆ promise _ BTS ☆☆

check this lyrics video out ♡

This song is stuck into my mind. Idk why! This is a soft song. Ahhh. Jimin’s melodious voice touches my heart. I really admire this song. Go give it a listen.

☆☆ I’m fine _ BTS ☆☆

check this lyrics video out ♡

This song is really good. I love the starting lyrics. I’m fine go check the lyrics out. Ahhh it’s simply the best.

Here are the songs I have on my playlist this month. You should have too. Loads of love ♡♡♡

Rejection is just redirection..

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Sometimes, we get rejected. It could be from our family, friends, job or even a company. And it hurts right into your heart. It does right? As a personal experience Rejection is just redirection, how? Let me tell you. When you got rejected you get frustrated and become self-critical for some days. This anxiety destroys your life routine. And you get depression for some days. But remember, if you get rejected in something, it is a clear sign for you that you’d have something better than this. Don’t take it too serious, it only happens sometimes. If you got rejected by a company, you’ll simply get a job at a better company. If you pray to God, you do, everyone do. And after achieving what you wanted don’t forget to thank God. Here are some steps to help you with this case. Actually meditation can help relax your mind and make you feel good. It really helps. You can try religious meditation or normal meditation. As you know that praying is the best way you can get relaxed and satisfied. Pray for what you want to achieve. Be confident about yourself. And make yourself more better than before. It can help alot. You go rejected, it means God has better plans for you and you have something better coming to you. Here are some steps. That can help you deal with the rejection. And remember, not to overdose on this case. Just give your mind relaxation and try to make yourself better than before.

ThankYou xxDuaxx ♡♡

Remember! Donot discourage someone in what they do….

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Remember! Do not discourage someone in what they do. It really hurts. The pain goes straight to their heart as they’ve worked hard to complete that. I’ve experienced it alot in my life. Sometimes people interrupt in your life start calling your work wrong. I really request to each and everyone to not do it again. As everyone has experienced discouragement even once in their life. And they know the pain, how much it hurts. If you work hard on a thing and don’t get appreciate. Your heart breaks Into million pieces. It does happens. Imagine, if you did a lot of hard work for a project and then you just got discouraged as people say it’s not good. It happens. The person gets frustrated and have depression. Which is not good for someone’s health. You all know that everyone wants to get praised. Even you too, don’t you? Discouraging is not good for the worker or even the person. If you discourage some one you will not be liked in your society. Because, they will call you a bad personality just because Discouraging is like throwing water to someone’s art. It ruins everything, and the person ends up in pain. With alot of tears in their eyes. So appreciate everyone’s work, there is a better way if you think something is not correct, just suggest them to change it. Explain them as a friend. Thank you for understanding 🙂

I hope I’m Okay!

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Only 9 days left, my schools are opening. And I have to start studying again. I do had homework still doing it told you In the previous blog. Umm, but I still don’t want school to open. I know I didn’t had fun this vacations not even visited a country because of Home work. Homework is more like my enemy from my last life. Lol, idk but why teacher gave a lot of home work this time. She just says that you should be busy or else you’ll be not working. Let’s leave it, i don’t want to talk about and feel hopeless. Lol, okay. I got a little disappointed last week about my blog and I also deleted a lot of my blog posts. I felt like nobody reads it, maybe few likes on some posts. I’m sad, but it’s okay. I’ve learned to be confident about myself. Thanks to all the people who encourage me because who doesn’t love to get encouraged, don’t you? I just hope that I can do it one day, it’s my dream to achieve 1000 followers. Which I hope some day I’ll make it. So, don’t think that I’m mad or something when I post awkward writings. I just get over hyped wrote so aggressively. But I hope I can get rid of my anger, my feelings and just be a normal person, and not being an sensitive one. Because I get hurt alot, even by little compliments which my parents or even my teacher give to me, but it’s okay! I just hope xxx ♡

Me, Myself and I

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Hi! I’m back with nothing on my head. Actually, Today, I’ll be talking to you. Actually my life as a alone person isn’t really good. Without any friends. Friends are those who make you feel good and happy, you can share your thoughts with them. But what if you got no friends, friends I don’t have any. I don’t know why but everytime I make a friend, she doesn’t really like to talk to me, maybe because I speak thoughtfully, maybe idk because I speak like I’m the one who’s in pain and I try to tell her that I’m suffering, and she gets tired of me and start siting next to someone who is more fun and make her laugh more and I get disappointed that why it always seems hurting to me and not them. They feel like I’m psycho and they even say it sometimes and I’ll be like yeah i might be. But don’t really feel good about that. Because friends are something essential in our life and we need them to express our feelings, thoughts. But I, have nobody to share my feelings with, my thoughts with. I really like to sing in spare time I really want to make a youtube song cover channel, but I’m not allowed by my family. It’s okay, I’m living in Pakistan right now but I’ll be shifted to America in some years maybe 4 to 5. So there I’ll make my own channel, start singing because singing makes me feel good, it’s like a friend. It’s really good man, listening to it is really soothing, it relaxes my mind and

“I hope some day I’ll make it out of here,

Even if it takes a night or hundred years”

That’s what I think, thanks billie for these lines. I can fully relate but I really hope that some day I’ll be a famous singer and I’ll make my dreams come true. I believe in GOD and my dreams. But, I’m still disappointed as my family doesn’t appreciate my singing. They think that I can’t sing, but it’s okay!

Bye I hope you had a nice time reading my thoughts!

KPOP Question!

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Hey there!Are you there? Lol, Today, I’m going to share some common questions which are always in the mind of fellow kpop stans. You can know me so well, from this blog. Kpop is trending around the world nowadays. There are alot of stans around the world and whenever they meet a stan. Their first question is who is your bias? Isn’t it. So here, I’m telling you all about my Kpop suggestions or opinions or whatever you will like to call it. I got this idea from @Chloe_luna. Make sure to check her out, follow her as well. Here is the link Midnight Wanderer.

Let’s get Started!

Q1:- My Favourite Band/Group?

My favourite band or group are

1) Bangtan Sonyeondan

2) Black Pink

3) Tomorrow X together

Q2:- My Bias from Each Group?

Okay, it’s easy to tell, here they are.

1) kim seokjin from BTS

2) jisoo from Black Pink

It’s not the actual picture, I edited it!

3) Taehyun From TXT

Q3:- My Bias Wreckers?

Okay! It’s kinda hard. Let me see if I can answer this.

1) Kim Namjoon & Park Jimin from BTS

2) Rosè from BlackPink

3) Yeonjun From TXT

Q4:- My Favourite Songs?

1) Spring Day & Save Me from BTS!

2) SOLO from Blackpink

3) CAT & DOG From TXT


SO GUYS! HERE ARE MY FAVOURITE EVERYTHING FROM MY FAVOURITE KPOP BAND!if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments down below, I will include in the part 2. Thanks for all the love and support. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL WITH THE BEST!


You’re such a beauty….

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Whoever us reading, I just want to tell you that you’re beautiful, you are beautiful the way you are, you don’t have to change a thing to make someone else happy, you should do what makes you happy.

Living your life thinking you’re ugly, is not easy. Take Your life the way you like. Because you’re unique, you’re gorgeous, you are beautiful in the way you are.

But infact ,you should stand up tall and be bold enough to say that *I’m beautiful*.

The real thing is nobody is beautiful because of their looks or features. The real beauty is the nature, the Ethics, those softness. Because nobody do care for your looks. But you can win everybody’s heart with just your behaviour, different way of helping other. That’s what makes you beautiful.

So everyone who think that they are ugly. They should start loving themselves at first, and then the people will start loving them. Be confident, be beautiful.
You don’t have to change a thing the world can change its heart,

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful ❤

Lot of love,

See you in next blog 💕