Obstacles do not block the path, they’re the path!

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Life is long, there is a long way to go. There are many obstacles and space in between on which, we should try not to stumble. But we really can’t find a smooth and plain way. We cannot reach to our destiny without passing the obstacles. Those obstacles are depression, social anxiety, and stress. Which may lead our life to a bad destiny, which we don’t deserve. How to live without hardships? No one ever had a perfect life! Everyone had problems, some died with them and some got to find out how to cross the obstacles. Are you one of them who is struggling to find out the way? Life is all messed up you know, it is never perfect and nor be. There are many highs and many lows in our life, I can’t explain what happened from right to left. But, only I know what I go through! They say:

“First cut is the deepest, It all happens for a reason”

_ Tate McRae.

Hold on while you’re still falling, falling deep into ocean of thoughts. But, it all be clear in a minute, wait for that minute to come. But waiting for that minute will take million of our minutes. But hold on and hold on, everything will be alright, you’ll be alright.

I say I’m alright but I might be not. I’ll wait for this darkness to become my sunrise. And I’ll wait as long as I’ve got stars to count. As long as my heart beats, as long as I can control my tears.

“I’m drawning and drawning in my own ocean, I filled with tears”.


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Hi, Today you’re not what you thought you’d to be. What you thought in your childhood, maybe for living the same happy life but no it didn’t work. Right? You cry everyday feeling like you’re the who’s wrong. Nah man, you’re more than everything in this universe. Look in the mirror. What do you see? A girl with broken heart. Who spend night and nights crying. Does she look depressed? Yeah she obviously do. She is just a child and going through alot of suffering. Deep thoughts and words. She thinks she’s ugly and she wants to kill herself. She doesn’t knows that she is beautiful. Beautiful the way she is. Nothing is prettier than person’s heart. But did she know her worth? No, she don’t, she think she’d better die than living, to her, her life is disgusting. She doesn’t know she have to make her own happiness and whole new world. She can just change it in seconds. How? She has no idea. She thought she found a way, but she don’t. Tell her! not be that, falling apart thrice a day. I could wish she could feel what she said. Ask her! to show you, never tell cause you know her too well. She got a mood that I’d wish I could sell. Actually you don’t wanna be her anymore. You hate her, her everything. Everyone is depressed, even though models they’re going through such rough time. She thinks she was made from a broken mold. She tried to fit in the society and they broke her too hard. Ask her! to Just stop getting stress, and don’t feel the words anymore. They’re meaning less. We all say we’re fine but we don’t feel it. The emotional crisis I feel, I have. I’m saying I love myself while I’m actually telling myself that I don’t want to be myself anymore. My hands are getting cold as I’m getting old. They don’t know what happened but I know it all. Telling a face with mask is what makes you a whore.


Deep words…


Everytime I felt bad. I start to cry. Cry helps alot, it removes stress from your mind. And help you through hard times. And also I just got discouraged sometimes and start writing something really awkward and also thanks to all my readers and commenters as I really appreciate it. Sometimes our mind gets blank and we have nothing to say, nothing to think about. We just feel bad about our life. It happened today, And everyday. I feel such a failure everyday. I came here to give motivation to people and they feel like I’m such a positive personality but nobody knows our inner selves. The deep thoughts inside our self our mind. They think we are, what we are on outside. And don’t even have a single idea about how harsh our life is. I’m not saying that only my life is harsh. Each and everyone’s is in pain and going through something bad in their life. But I feel like instead of discouraging and discrimination in someone’s life. We should help them out, and care about them, Instead of making fun of someone’s face, looks and thoughts. God made us all. He made us all differently. Some can speak, while some can’t. Some can walk, some can’t. Instead of making fun of them. We should help them. Respect them as they are not “Disabled But Differently able”. They can do things, which you can’t even think of.

Everyone makes mistake, but don’t repeat!

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It’s a new, a brand new day. And I hope I can do better than tomorrow. Even you should too. Just try to make yourself better and better, enhance your talent, your persona. That will help you with good reputation. As a person is known by the company he keeps. Everyday, we make some mistakes, but the next all we have to do is to try not to do it again or else if well repeat our mistake. Life will be colourless. No one would like us, Nobody would like to talk to us, meet us. So be careful, If you make any mistake today, try not to repeat that mistake again and ask God to forgive you for that. If you repeat the mistake again, God will not give you chance because he gave you one by saving you last time but if you do it again. Nah man, than your life can be called as failure. Some times we do mistake willingly and some time not. But you always need to try to do not make it tomorrow. Because, lying is not a chance. You will be never successful after a lie, after some days God punish you by revealing to everyone who you lied. And it makes your reputation worst in front of everyone. And you end up with nothing. But, Telling a truth, it might hurt for some time but you’ll be saved from worst reputation and as you follow God’s saying he will also help you in this. And donot lie, it won’t work, it never does! Remember!


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I know I can’t do it. This is not because I don’t believe in me. I’m trying to hold my dreams. Because that’s all I can do. I don’t want to die, I just want to dream more. Even, if I’m saying that is time to leave dreaming. It is my truth that I’ll be covered with wounds all around. And it’s my fate, but I’m still struggling and fighting. But, maybe even after all this. I say that maybe I can never fly. I can never fly like those petals over there. If I had wings, so I could touch the sky. But, I still want to stretch my hand out. I want to run, just a little bit more. I’m just walking and walking in this darkness. My happy times ask me if I’m okay. Oh no, I replied no! I’m so afraid. I have 7 flowers in my hand and I’m just walking and walking having no idea about my life. But I’m still struggling and fighting to get what I want. My dreams, but I just can touch the sky. I can not fly. Maybe I can try to. I, not okay!


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Have you ever seen a person being so nice to you? I’ve not maybe but the person dissappear after sometimes. It means that I should not trust anyone because I’ve never seen a person ending up being loyal. Loyalty is in person’s heart. But oh my! Sad to say I’ve never seen a person ending loyal. I’m not slandering everyone. Not even saying that everyone is like that. Because I’m talking about my experience, what I got to find out in my life. I don’t know why they do this to me. Nah man again! I’m not slandering anyone. That’s what I felt, by myself. I have no idea why people are like this. They say they’ll help you in even bad times. And leaves when their use ends. Don’t ever believe that the person in front of you is best because he or she might leave. I’m not saying leave your love ones but just don’t believe them so much that when they’ll leave. You’ll cry your heart out. Not everyone is that bad not everyone leaves, I believe, some stay too. But not everyone! I’m sorry if I’m repeating my words again and again, I’m just helping you understand my thoughts on this. It’s been some days, since I had a best friend, she is not with me rn. because she is with someone else. It’s okay! Maybe my God have better plans for me.

“Jamais vu, a person who is loyal.”
(Never seen, a person who is loyal)

May God bless you. ThankYou for reading ♡♡


Map of The Soul

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Hi! Have you ever asked yourself, why are you alive? Why were you born, No idea? Maybe, you think just to live a life. Nah man! It is so much more than this. You were born because of a purpose, maybe you know the purpose or maybe not. But the purpose of our living is clear that we have to live accordingly to our GOD’S saying, as he wants us to live. He says that we should obey his rules, help other, be kind and helpful. But what is the purpose of ourselves? Ask that question in the mirror, ask yourself. What was you born for? You were born to have your identity, your reputation. You know that if we help someone, we will be called a good person. And vice versa. So we have to be that way to be called a good person. People would know your persona. Again! Look in the mirror and look at yourself. Smile at yourself. Think that you’re the best person alive and be more than that. Stay happy and healthy. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as you should be healthy, wealthy and wise. May God bless each and everyone because everyone’s have hearts. They get hurt, people hurt them just by saying that they don’t like them. Don’t worry, don’t be depressed. Feel good about yourself because you know the map of your soul. The world around us is not alright so be a nice person to yourself and be happy!

Stay blessed, xx Dua xx ♡

A Brand New Day!


A new day comes. Each day goes and another day comes. The story is different everyday, some days you’re happy some days you’re sad. Some time you feel bad about life. And sometimes lifes gives you a big moment of joy. But what is next? We don’t know. We don’t know if we will be alive tomorrow or will I be happy tomorrow! We don’t know. Only God knows. God knows everything that is happening to us, that is what we all know. Tomorrow, might be i a little better or even worse. I don’t know but why we can only predict what’s tomorrow. Even predicting is not good for us. Because thinking tomorrow will be better, even we feel bad sometimes because life disappoints us sometimes. And after some time we don’t really feel good about our life as I said before. Actually, Life is something that gives us unexpected things. But you should believe in God, And feel like tomorrow will be better. Better than today. Let the world don’t decide what will happen next. Do what you want to do. Do what makes you happy. Do whatever you want. Whatever you want to do. Don’t care if life is hard, just don’t give a Damn, and be happy and confident about your life, your thoughts, even your dreams. Be confident about your dreams and your thoughts. And just be happy with yourself ♡

“I’m gonna swing from this chandelier,

I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t

_ Chandelier by Sia

These lines go with my topic today. A BRAND NEW DAY is a new song for BTS World. It’s by Jhope, Taehyung feat Zara Larsson. Here is the link. Go check it out!
Here ♡♡♡

It’s really good man,believe me! ♡

Good things come to those who wait!


I’m sorry, I’m not posting again. I do my home work 6/7 but still alot is left. And I’m back. And I’m losing my views! And I’m sad but still I’ll write. Here you go. Today, I’m going to discuss a famous saying that

“good things comes to those who wait!”

Actually, waiting can help! How? Let’s see how, when you pray for something. God doesn’t ever deny your prayers, God’s reply can be in 3 ways.

1) Yes.

2) yes, but not now!

3) I have something better for you.

There is not any NO! Because your prayers are accepted. And also wait for something better, if your prayers are not accepted, this means that it may get accepted after some time or else God has a better idea for you, something better than that. So don’t worry! Just wait, waiting will help alot in this matter. Unfortunately, if you hurry and say that your prayers are not accepting than you need to wait just wait. Then you’ll get whatever you want, when your God wants to give you. Pray to God, ask him if you need any help. Asking God for help, will never ever disappoint you. And I hope (Inshallah) you’ll get whatever you want.

Moving to the second point that if we need something or want to achieve something all we have to work hard to get it and pray and wait! Because God will always help you in difficult times and never leave you alone. Pray to God if you need something, want to achieve something or any kind of goal any other thing. Just put you hand in front of you and ask God for help. That’s all that I meant to say.

Because, hurrying in a work is not a choice, you can never do something better if you hurry. Even if you got a limited time relax, sit back and make a schedule. Ask a friend for help and remember Wait! Cause if you don’t wait good things won’t come to you someday.



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I finally saw my babies and oh my God I’m still not over it. I never will be. I can’t believe it actually happened like ??????? they were right there in front of me. Literally the most famous people in the world and my favourite people on the planet were stood right there in front of me and ???????? My brain still can’t comprehend it. I got to see Kim Namjoon dance in real life. Like seriously, God bless.

I had so much anxiety surrounding this day but I’ll be doing a separate post on that, for now this post is just going to be sharing pictures and how the actual concert experience went because holy shit I’ve never seen anything so good in my entire life. Out of every single concert I’ve been to and every single performance I’ve ever seen live, BTS were the best, hands down…

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Why working as a team is better!


The question is that why working as a team is better! It’s has different answers to it, but most importantly there are advantages In it, let me explain how!

Some people want to work in individual and some in teams or group, both of the ideas have advantages and disadvantages. But, my opinion is that working in a team is way more better than individual. Let me share my opinions!


Working as individual isn’t worth it, if you work in group or team. You definitely have more ideas and opinions. Different people have different types of talents and skills. You can have different ideas from them. That’s how can we do it better.Working in teams increases collaboration and allows brainstorming. As a result, more ideas are developed and productivity improves. Two or more people are alwaysbetter than one for solving problems, finishing off difficult tasks and increasing creativity.

Poet to inspire!

When we are many,
It makes things easier;
Many hands
Do lighter work;
The more we are,
The faster we go
With our project;
And that is what we call
Team work;
Coming from a team spirit;
If you go alone
You limit your chances;
If you go with others
You increase them;
That is the way it is;
Let’s come together
And do more work
In less time,
With less stress.

This amazing poet/ quote is by Ngobesing Suh Romanus ♡, such a great writer and personality ☺

Why God Tests Us?


Hey guys!

How’re you? I hope you’re good and doing well. I’ve been inactive for some days because you know eid was here, so we have to attend dinner or Lunch parties! I’m apologising for it. And from today I will try to post everyday. But what I want to say just keep supporting me, your 1 follow means 100 blessings. Here, I have another topic, what is the purpose of our living. The only, and soul purpose of living is doing good deeds. God made us to testify, how we do in our lives or what we choose. Live is hard sometimes, but you should not worry about that. Because God is only testing you. Don’t ever think that God is doing something bad to you, because God never wants his humans to be in trouble. So that’s why we should be hopeful that tomorrow will be better than today. Life is harder sometimes, but don’t worry it will be better after some time. If you got into this time, pray to God! And don’t worry everything will be better. Because of sin, we are sometimes tested in our lifes. God tests us because, he wants to see if we will be Faithfull to him. Let us consider what a “test” is. We believe one valid definition is that a test is a challenge to measure your learning, growth, and development. Some people say that experience is the best teacher. Why is this not true? Because experience gives the test question first and the answer later, if at all.
So, don’t worry! That’s what I want to say, because good day will come to you someday. Maybe it could be after your death! Allah hafiz! (Goodbye as a muslim) and bye, will meet you in the next blog!

Dua Sid ♡

How do Leaders Overcome failure!


Hey guys!

I’m back again. Sorry for being late, I was actually wondering on which content should I write next. So here is the idea I thought of, how leaders overcome failure! In this world of hardships, you fail sometimes. And after failing, you get discouraged and start thinking that your hard work was not worth it! If you got a rejection or failure in any aspect of life. Life feels harder, it hurts your inner feelings, but wait donot feel bad. Start to get motivation in your life! (By reading some helpful blogs or writings). One thing you should remember in your life that you should never stop trying. Moving back to the topic, how leaders easily overcome failure, here are some reasons I included below:

1) They know the worth of their hard work!

They know that their hard work is worth it. So, they never stop trying and keep going great! That is the first and main reason behind their success.

2) They try again and again!

They just not stop trying. It is the the key to achieve good results in the end, trying again and again helps you gain the output easily.

3) They communicate!

Keeping the truth to yourself and lying to the world is not a Okay, so that’s why you should try to talk with others and ask for any opinions or suggestion it helps you to better your performance for the next time. And remember not to lie!

4) Focusing on progression!

Actually, everyone believes in the result, and they should be because it shows you the outcome of your success. But what they follow is keeping their focus on result or Success they also start working hard each and every day thinking that they could do better than yesterday.

5) They donot believe in failures!

What they think is actually a great thinking that failure isn’t failure. Failure is important in life, without it you will not be able to find your perfect way to get success. After it, they forget that they failed and try to make another step towards success and continue working hard.

These are the reasons that how leaders overcome their failure so easily, it is not hard for them!

Let’s move on in our life and make our life a perfect one, load of love to all my readers and supporters, may God bless you all. Don’t forget to comment down below any opinion or suggestion, thanks you all for reading ♡

Do you have Self-confidence?



Today I have a question to you, Are you confident enough? Are you confident enough to stand tall in in front of this world, are you? Hope you’re doing well with your life. But not everyone gets confident about themselves. You might have this problem but No Problem. Your self-confidence could bring out by just some steps! This is the way of the world, some people are shy, some are overconfident. But the level key is to be just confident. To be confident, you need some trainings. You should be confident be your own selves, Life is also filled with difficulties and hardships! Going through it is really hard you should be confident that everything will be okay! Don’t be that way, hate yourself in the race. Lol it was weird I’m sorry. I actually think self-confidence is the most important thing in our life. It helps us through hard times, which is pretty impressive. Being shy, under the sky is not alright, you will not be able to express your feelings and thoughts to the world so be careful,

“If your shy, you will die

If you die, they will cry”

I wrote it myself it’s kinda weird but okay it’s my first quote of my life that I’ve written myself. Let’s keep going with our topic, what is actually definition of self-confidence:

Confidence is a feeling of trust in someone or something. To be selfconfident is to have confidence in yourself. Selfconfident people don’t doubt themselves. This is usually a positive word: you can be selfconfident without being cocky, arrogant, or overconfident. Everyone knows that selfconfidence is very important but what is not known to everyone is the degree of its importance. … Self confidencecan change your whole life to the better while lack of confidence will definitely have a negative effect on your social relations, career, achievements and even your mood. If you give up, trusting your own self, you life will have no worth, no colors. Loads of love to my readers. May God bless you all, don’t forget to comment on any suggestions or opinions! Thank you ♡

Why you should Love Yourself!


Hoping you are having a great day! Today I’m very go happy because I’ve received my first 10 follows, thank you so much everyone for supporting and help me gain this achievement! I’m very happy I want to thank all of my readers and followers, I’m new here and don’t know if I’m doing everything right. So make sure to comment and recommend me how can I better my blog and what you want me to write next and maybe topic suggestions! The topic I have today is that why you should love your own self because loving anyone else will not bring you that satisfaction that loving yourself will. Because they might change over time. They might forget you, but rather than wasting our time on somebody else spend your time with yourself. If you have an disgrace and people don’t like you this way and you’re getting frustrated you should start loving yourself the way you are saying that I’m like this not because I wanted to be, because my God wanted to be! People may forget you when you’re in your need. They might be using you wearing a mask, faking being your friend or deary but what they do that they leave us when there is a need of them in your life! Am I lying? I’m not u might have noticed this by your that own people love themselves, they are selfish! And then asking them for help and if they deny, you should how much it hurts! It hurts really bad you might know. I might be wrong, because not everyone is cheater, there are also good and loyal people in this world which I’ve never seen I’m sorry to say, but I couldn’t found one that is loyal or patient with me! So from than I started loving myself thinking that nobody else did. Cared for self and you should do the same, load of love ♡

Meet you in next blog!

Tomorrow Will be Better!


Hoping that you’re fine, I’m fine too. I have a topic today that why we shouldn’t give up and keep trying again and again! We all live in the same earth. We all know that everyone is going through some kind of frustrations or depression. And they give it, they try to do something to make their life more better but what happens they fail sometimes and get even more frustrated having no clue what to do now! What they all need is relaxation in their life. They have to get relaxed and satisfied in their life. Being a 13 Year old, in this world of hardships, I still try make myself like me better because it makes me happy and I feel more comfortable and confident with myself. if I fail at something as everyone I get frustrated, and start hating myself thinking that I can’t do anything! But after some days! I ask my old teacher who is better known as my personal motivationer and help me to get through it. What one thing that changed my life was BTS. There words and meaningful lyrics make me feel better in sad days. But what the real topic is about that why you should never stop trying and keep going! Life is hard and you should keep hoping that tomorrow will be better than today. The day remain the same, the moon and sun remain the same and every moment repeats but my life is in between, I am not afraid of tomorrow I’m just hoping that future would be better than present. Don’t stop following your dreams and if you fail don’t stop trying don’t ever run backwords never! Life isn’t about living along but living through
As you live through, you’ll disappear some day
If you keep spacing out, you’ll be swept away
If you ain’t no got the guts, trust
It’ll all become yesterday anyway so what’s the use?
I wanted to become happy and strong but why am I getting weaker?
Where am I going? I’m going here and there but I always come back here
Follow your dreams, like beaker

Even if they break, oh better!

Maybe doesn’t matter you should just not care and keep going, love you all ♡



Today, I’m going to give a quick disclaimer about my blog! The disclaimer is that there might be some grammatical mistakes in my Blogs, this is because English is not my first language and also I haven’t taken any courses of English language. I have learned English by myself from watching YouTube! And also another thing I wanted to discuss that I’ve noticed that people are not interested in giving comments! But for me, your Comments mean the world to me. Make sure to comment on my Blogs as well and you can suggest me how to improve or what to correct. I will be very thankful to you. Loads of love ♡

Need Of Education!


Hope you are doing well. Today I have a really important topic to explain! Why there is a need of education in your life, and without it your life seems incomplete! There is a main reason behind. Education enhances a person’s personality, without even noticing. A person becomes more obedient and honest, if he get educated higher! Because getting education help you find your perfect way of living which also helps in future. To make your life perfect and worth being living you have to study, because studying is for enhancing your inner self or even the field in which you are. Suppose, if you have a talent of computer designing or graphics and then you study it more, it will surely make you expert in that field. Before you could just tell that you’re talented in this field now you can show your degree and tell that you have mastered in this field. It’s actually very helpful in your future. In you future, when you will get a job, what they will ask you first will be your certificates and degrees. Or else you will not get a job! You might know this. Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. People debate over the subject of whether education is the only thing that gives knowledge.
The main purpose of education is to strengthen your mind so that you can more easily learn to deal with specific challenges you will face throughout your life.
It promotes the feeling of physical, mental and social well being by providing better life. Good education is constructive in nature which constructs our future forever. It helps a person to improve his/her status of mind, body and spirit. It provides us lots of confidence by giving us bulk of knowledge in many field.

May you understood my point of view and thinking. May God bless you all! Loads of love!

Dua Siddiqui ♡

Do not Cheat In Your Exams!


How are you? Hope you doing well! Today, I’ve a topic revision and also an warning that you should not Cheat In Your Exams! It has a big reason behind it. If you gave the whole exam by studying nothing and just cheating, you will never able to find out what you’ve learned during the year. If you did it last year, don’t do it the next year. Because if you do that again you are ruining your future. If you didn’t remember an answer in your exam paper, and you asked your friend for the help! He might tell you wrong and you might fail in that exam. So that’s why cheating is not a solution. One day, I was giving my social studies paper and you know what happened, I didn’t remember the second part of the first question. I got frustrations I didn’t know what to do and my dad made me promise not to Cheat before. I started crying because of frustrations, I tried to remember the heading so I could rewrite it by myself. I asked God for help and he helped me by telling me the first word. As soon as i remember that first word i tried to remember what was it about and as my dad says that once you remember what was it about, you can simply write in your own words. I followed his words and wrote what I remember about that topic and Alhamdulliah! It worked with me so well that I got full marks and also my teacher said you just need to remember what you read in the lesson. That’s how I got full marks without cheating or asking from anyone else! You also if you can’t remember something don’t worry and write it by your own it would be much more better than cheating because cheating will cause you trouble if teacher caught you during that or else someone told you something wrong because you are using them. That’s why you should not Cheat and work honestly or else you will get in trouble. So promise me Donuts, that you will never ever Cheat again! Love you all ♡ also this topic was given by my beloved Uncle shoutout to him ♤

Love, Dua

KPOP Question!

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Hey there!Are you there? Lol, Today, I’m going to share some common questions which are always in the mind of fellow kpop stans. You can know me so well, from this blog. Kpop is trending around the world nowadays. There are alot of stans around the world and whenever they meet a stan. Their first question is who is your bias? Isn’t it. So here, I’m telling you all about my Kpop suggestions or opinions or whatever you will like to call it. I got this idea from @Chloe_luna. Make sure to check her out, follow her as well. Here is the link Midnight Wanderer.

Let’s get Started!

Q1:- My Favourite Band/Group?

My favourite band or group are

1) Bangtan Sonyeondan

2) Black Pink

3) Tomorrow X together

Q2:- My Bias from Each Group?

Okay, it’s easy to tell, here they are.

1) kim seokjin from BTS

2) jisoo from Black Pink

It’s not the actual picture, I edited it!

3) Taehyun From TXT

Q3:- My Bias Wreckers?

Okay! It’s kinda hard. Let me see if I can answer this.

1) Kim Namjoon & Park Jimin from BTS

2) Rosè from BlackPink

3) Yeonjun From TXT

Q4:- My Favourite Songs?

1) Spring Day & Save Me from BTS!

2) SOLO from Blackpink

3) CAT & DOG From TXT


SO GUYS! HERE ARE MY FAVOURITE EVERYTHING FROM MY FAVOURITE KPOP BAND!if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments down below, I will include in the part 2. Thanks for all the love and support. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL WITH THE BEST!


Music of the Month: May!


How are you doing. Today, I’m here to tell you my playlist for this month. I hope you check these song out. And I’m sure you will like them. Lets get started!

Song #1



This song is stuck into my mind these days. The lyrics are awesome and the excellent vocal of Jennie, makes this song my favourite in the playlist. Go, check out the song, hope you will like it as well.




This song is too good. Amazing Rap as well as vocal vibes. You need to check this song out, who is you bias from txt? Mine is taehyun! Go check out this song!

Song #3

Bad Guy _ Billie eilish


I like this song so much. Billie eilish deep voice, and the lyrics. It is kinda scary song, which kind of scares me at night. But, don’t worry it won’t scare you. lol, I’m sorry for being awkward. But check it out, it’s good.

Song #4

Kill this love _ blackpink


I like it so much. Lisa’s rap is too good. Go check it out as well. You might have listened to it if you are an kpop stan!

Racism is Biggest Problem!


I am Dua Siddiqui. And welcome to another blog. It’s been a thinking of our society, that being black is being ugly. That’s what the world think! And it is kinda disappointing point of view of people. What I think is that we should respect every colour, every religion. Because, Nobody wanted to be black, the only reason they are black because God wanted them to. As Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Said himself:

“No Arab has Any precedence over a non-Arab and vice versa, similarly, the white have no precedence over the black and vice versa. Precedence in Islam is based on Self Restraint”

Islam is the torch bearer of equality among the human beings. Islam rejects all kind of discrimination on the basis of race, language, caste, colour, wealth or poverty. Islam doesn’t allow any kind of discrimination between humans. And it says that two persons are brother to each other. That why we shouldn’t discrete the people who are black away from us. Because not only them I’m black as well. Every Pakistani or Indian suffer from this kind of hardships in their life. Not really hating, but I know every Pakistani or Indian girl has heard it atleast once in her life. So please stop these kinds of discrimination in someone’s life. This can ruin someone’s life. And also you who is suffering from this, leave these kind of people. People need subject to talk. Remember you’re beautiful the way you are and don’t change anything to make someone else happy. Do what makes you happy.

May God bless you

Love ♡ Dua

The Mask We Wear Everyday!


Welcome to another Blog! Today I’m going to discuss the matter in our society. The Mask We Wear Everyday! Not everyone does for itself. Even for society, The hardest part of living in society is to hide our disgrace. Even if we don’t want to, We have to do it for society. Our face, even if it is beautiful or not, we have to cover it. Makeup is the Mask I’m talking about, if you didn’t get it yet. Let’s talk about our society standards, They want us to be beautiful not knowing that beauty is in person’s heart. Yes, as I have said in my First Blog. In my opinion that beauty is persona or heart (سیرت ) it’s been a long time since this trend was started covering your inner beauty or pureness by makeup. Covering up your pores and acne with foundation, your dark circles from concealer. Do you think this is right? Some girls do is as fashion or they like it or sometimes they think they look more pretty with it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it or do it. I do it as well, thinking that I won’t look good in front of everyone who came with makeup. Covering up your face. That is the thing happens with some of the girls who don’t like to wear makeup but still get pressurised by their family or the standard of society, yes family also encourages her to do makeup saying that or else the society won’t accept you. I just want to stop this standard of society. Help me in this matter and tell me your thoughts in the comment.

As I always say:

No scars to your beautiful,

We’re stars and we’re beautiful.

Take care of yours, see you soon 😍😘

Love, Dua Siddiqui ♡

Failed Again?


I’m here a secret friend of yours to help you in difficult times. Are you OK? Failed at first attempt? Don’t worry. Need happiness or Success? I can help you with your problem. Don’t worry failing is an event and can be erased from your life by just some tips.

Quotes from great people

“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”
C. S. Lewis

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”
Michael Jordan

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
Samuel Beckett

1.Never stop Trying

If you failed at something. That doesn’t mean that you cannot do it. Try again. Failure is important for succeeding that what you should know. So you should not to stop trying. Try again and again.

2.Stop dwelling over it

Obsessing over your failure will not change the outcome. In fact, it will only intensify the outcome, trapping you in an emotional doom-loop that disables you from moving on. You cannot change the past, but you can shape your future. The faster you take a positive step forward, the quicker you can leave these debilitating, monopolizing thoughts behind.

3.Try a different point of view

If working in that way doesn’t help. Try to find another way. That will help you.


These are some tips that can help you, if it helped follow me.

Love, Dua

Are you losing hope?


I’m back again with another topic So guys! The question is, are you losing hope? Or everything is not under your control. Or you think that you can’t do what you want to? Having that thoughts make you feel uncomfortable with yourself and you also feel hopelessness in life.

Don’t worry!

I have a solution. If You want to achieve something in life you need to work hard.you need to live with determination, You need to have patience, and even after following all of these, we still have to face challenges in life and still we fail, we fall and become hopeless.

You know Hopelessness is the biggest enemy of your success.As You wonder through your more directionless times on your journey, you will experience intense moments of feelings lost and hopeless.Yet, the greatest lessons in life usually don’t stem from successes and victories, but rather from our failures and struggles, and feeling hopeless at times.

If You become hopeless you will lose everything, I’ve noticed a common thread from a variety of people who have achieved success in their field: they all experienced hardships in their life, J.K.Rowling, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Jim carry.

But that’s not what sets them apart, we all experience hardships and feel hopeless, yet, it is how we choose to respond to our struggles that shapes us.

Going through a rough time can actually be a catalyst for changing your life for the better.

Great sayings of great people

“Difficulties and adversities viciously force all their might on us and cause us to fall apart, but they are necessary elements of individual growth and reveal our true potential. We have got to endure and overcome them, and move forward. Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.”
Roy T. Bennett.
“We all go through hard times in life. It’s a part of being alive and it’s the reality we all have to deal with. There are times we forget our value as a person because we are so blinded with these thoughts of loneliness, emptiness and ego. Somewhere along the road we become numbed with all the frustrations and dissatisfaction. But life itself isn’t always about darkness and sadness, Life is also filled with colors and that makes it beautiful. Along this path of darkness there’s always light waiting to be seen by our daunted hearts. Our heart is gifted to see this light. It may be hiding behind those circumstances that we encounter; in a stranger we just met at an unexpected place; a family who has been always there but you just ignored because of your imperfect relationship with them; it might be a long time friend you have or a friend you just met. Open your heart and you will see how blessed you are to have them all in your life. Sometimes they are the light that shines your path in some dark phases of life. Don’t lose hope”
Chanda Kaushik
“Never lose hope. Never forget the power of intentions and desires.”
Debasish Mridha
“Don’t be handcuffed by bad habits when you hold the key to unlock the greatness inside of you.”
Rob Liano
Mouloud Benzadi

I hope u got some inspiration from these golden words.

How to Make Hope Work for You

Many of us have been told since childhood the cliché that “where there is a will, there is a way.” This means if you’re determined enough, you can find ways to achieve what you want, even if it’s difficult. Experiments by psychologists have taken this further and proved that there is indeed a pound of truth in it.

In their 1991 paper, researchers Snyder, Irving and Anderson defined hope as “a positive motivational state that is based on an interactively derived sense of successful agency and pathways.”

Dr. Charles “Rick” Snyder, the late professor of psychology at the University of Kansas who dedicated his life to researching hope, laid out a model that requires three things to come together to create hopeful thinking:

1. Goals
2. Pathways
3. Agency

Optimism Is Not the Same Thing as Hope

While both are positive states, the way one differs from the other is that hope is situation-specific, while optimism is quite independent of external conditions. While hope is a state of mind, optimism is usually seen as a natural mental outlook.

Researchers Michael Scheier and Charles Carver in 1985 defined optimism “as a generalized expectancy that good… outcomes will generally occur when confronted with problems across important life domains.”

The takeaway? We must hope, especially in situations that seem insurmountable and dire. Because those of us who maintain high hope set out on our journey with determination and grit, we view the obstacles on the road not as barriers, but as challenges, and we always have a Plan B.

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Music of the Week : My top ten


Hey loves,

Today I’m going to introduce you some of my favourites.

Which I think you should listen as well. This blog is inspired by Midnight Wanderer. Loads of love to her.

Check these song out.

1. Boy with luv


This song is amazing. It is a new single from bts new album map of the soul: persona and it’s already winning hearts.it also broke the Blackpink record for most viewed music video in 24 hours. This new song features halsey. And her amazing voice combined with these guys is amazing. Make sure to check this song out. It’s dope.

2. 7 rings


This is baby Ari’s new song and it defines the value of money. The song is amazing and catchy that you can’t get it out of you head. And I’m sure you’ve heard it before. It also got #1 song on billboard.

3. Love shot


Actually as a bts trash. I don’t want to involve in any other fandom because that just makes u crazy. But from the day I have listened to this song. It is stuck in my mind especially the nanananana. Go check it out. I also love kai amazing steps in this song.

4. Spring day


such a deep song with deep meaning and deep lyrics. I just loved jhope’s vocals in this one. And if you Love deep slow songs you will love this. Check it out.

5. Euphoria


You’re the cause of my Euphoria, Ahh my favourite one. Rn it is one number one of my list. Again it is deep song. Amazing vocal of jungkook. And his soothing voice that makes my mind relax. This song is everything.

6. Save me


I need ur love before I fall. Again another bts song amazing vocals.deep thoughts.

7. Dope


You’re dope. Actually the singers are. And most importantly bts is Dope. Beautiful song. I love jin lines in this one. Amazing piece of art.

8. Scars to your beautiful


Scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we are beautiful.With alessia’s deep voice. Makes you feel happy.

9. Let me love you


Don’t you give up, I won’t give up, amazing song amazing lyrics and beautiful voice of Justin. This should is my all time favourite. Check it out.

10. As long as you love me


I’ll be your platinum, I’ll be your gold. Amazing song again. Heartful song and amazing lyrics by Amazing justin check it out as well.

Thank you so much guys.

Checks out these songs they are amazing as the singers are.

Meet you in next blog!

Dua Siddiqui ♡

Where to find peace?


Are you depressed, broken? Want peace? I have a solution. First of all.

As human beings, one of the greatest desires in life is the search for peace.Many psychologists argue that the greatest human drive is the search for peace, that whatever humans do, they do so seeking peace and tranquility.Similarly, one of the names of Paradise in the Quran is Dar As-Salam (House of Peace). One of the names of Allah is As-salam , the Perfect, the source of the peace. The word Islam itself is related to the word “salam” which means peace.Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said that there is a paradise on this earth, which one needs to enter, to enter the paradise of the hereafter. This paradise, he says, is the tranquility and contentment of the heart.Contentment of the heart is a very difficult trait to have. The world around us, and things that happen to us usually make us very troubled individuals.

The Road to Tranquility

However, like anything in Islam, the road to tranquility is not a state of being. It is a path that has to be walked upon and deeds that need to be done in order for us to reach that station where we are at peace with ourselves.

Part of the desire to achieve tranquility has been embedded in ourselves. Allah put inside of us an emptiness that can only be filled by Allah. Imam Ibn al-Qayyim writes a profound paragraph on this.

“In the heart, there is a sense of untidiness which can only be gathered by turning to Allah

And in the heart there is a sense of loneliness which can only be removed by coming closer to Allah

And in the heart there is fear and anxiety, which only leaves by fleeing to Allah

And in the heart there is a sense of regret, which can only be removed by being satisfied with Allah.”

Tranquility and serenity can only arrive when we reach a position where we know the reality of our life, and the Majesty of Allah. It is understanding the verse of Surah Ar-Rahman where Allah says:

Everything on earth will perish. But the face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honor remains. (Quran 55:26-7)

Whatever is on earth will perish. Whatever it is that makes us worried, will perish. Whatever makes us sad, will go away. Whatever makes us irritable and angry is transient.

Everything that is done without seeking the pleasure of God will just go, but that which is done seeking His pleasure and His Grace, will endure and live on. This changes our perspective on life completely.

Death, loss, heartbreak, and detachment are no longer as painful as they used to be, because at the end of the day, expectations come down to zero.

When one expects nothing, everything they get is a source of pleasure, and everything they do not get is a not something that is that troublesome.

The focus in life becomes Allah, Master of the Universe, not how many likes one gets on Facebook, who likes their picture, who gave a compliment, etc.

Life seems much more than these petty issues. One learns to forgive those who hurt them, cherish those who love them, and to subdue the ego, because what use is an ego for one who is going to be worm buffet six feet under the ground two days later?

Writer Jose Addison said that human beings need three things to be happy— something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. All of these can be found in this verse of the Quran:

And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth, prepared for the God-conscious. (Quran 3:133)

1- Understand the Majesty of Allah

Understand who Allah is, and how great He is.

One who understands the greatness of Allah will find peace knowing that everything else is petty and small.

2- Understand the Reality of this Life

When we know that life is more than just the “bling bling” that we see, we understand that at all times our focus should be forward-thinking. Understanding that the next life is everlasting helps us in keeping our focus and not losing our minds over the affairs of this world.

3- Remembering Allah at all times helps us keep our focus.

Human beings are prone to forgetfulness and the constant remembrance of quran. reminds us of Allah at all times and places. One of the advice of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was:

Keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah.(At-tirmindi)

Allah says:

In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest. 🙂

4- Be Thankful

If you are thankful, I will increase you. (14:7)

If we are thankful, Allah will give us more and more of everything that we have and even more. He will keep increasing us, and it will also be in the form of our tranquility.

5- Be Content with Allah’s Decree

One of the best roads to tranquility is being content with Allah.

It is in understanding that no matter what happens to us, Allah’s plan is best. When we are content with Allah’s decree, we will work hard, we will do our best but be content with whatever result comes our way.

Allah’s decree is Divine, and not always understandable to us in the here and now. Only when we look back do we understand how Allah’s plan was perfect. Allah’s plan for us is the best for us, and knowing that makes life incredibly peaceful.

May Allah make us people who are tranquil in life, and tranquil in death.

May Allah make us among those who hear this call:

O tranquil soul, return to your Lord, pleased and pleasing to Him. Enter My Garden, Enter my Paradise. (Quran 89:26-30)

Asalamu Alaikum!

I Hope that you can understand what I wanted to describe.

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You’re such a beauty….

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Whoever us reading, I just want to tell you that you’re beautiful, you are beautiful the way you are, you don’t have to change a thing to make someone else happy, you should do what makes you happy.

Living your life thinking you’re ugly, is not easy. Take Your life the way you like. Because you’re unique, you’re gorgeous, you are beautiful in the way you are.

But infact ,you should stand up tall and be bold enough to say that *I’m beautiful*.

The real thing is nobody is beautiful because of their looks or features. The real beauty is the nature, the Ethics, those softness. Because nobody do care for your looks. But you can win everybody’s heart with just your behaviour, different way of helping other. That’s what makes you beautiful.

So everyone who think that they are ugly. They should start loving themselves at first, and then the people will start loving them. Be confident, be beautiful.
You don’t have to change a thing the world can change its heart,

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful ❤

Lot of love,

See you in next blog 💕