Obstacles do not block the path, they’re the path!

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Life is long, there is a long way to go. There are many obstacles and space in between on which, we should try not to stumble. But we really can’t find a smooth and plain way. We cannot reach to our destiny without passing the obstacles. Those obstacles are depression, social anxiety, and stress. Which may lead our life to a bad destiny, which we don’t deserve. How to live without hardships? No one ever had a perfect life! Everyone had problems, some died with them and some got to find out how to cross the obstacles. Are you one of them who is struggling to find out the way? Life is all messed up you know, it is never perfect and nor be. There are many highs and many lows in our life, I can’t explain what happened from right to left. But, only I know what I go through! They say:

“First cut is the deepest, It all happens for a reason”

_ Tate McRae.

Hold on while you’re still falling, falling deep into ocean of thoughts. But, it all be clear in a minute, wait for that minute to come. But waiting for that minute will take million of our minutes. But hold on and hold on, everything will be alright, you’ll be alright.

I say I’m alright but I might be not. I’ll wait for this darkness to become my sunrise. And I’ll wait as long as I’ve got stars to count. As long as my heart beats, as long as I can control my tears.

“I’m drawning and drawning in my own ocean, I filled with tears”.


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Hi, Today you’re not what you thought you’d to be. What you thought in your childhood, maybe for living the same happy life but no it didn’t work. Right? You cry everyday feeling like you’re the who’s wrong. Nah man, you’re more than everything in this universe. Look in the mirror. What do you see? A girl with broken heart. Who spend night and nights crying. Does she look depressed? Yeah she obviously do. She is just a child and going through alot of suffering. Deep thoughts and words. She thinks she’s ugly and she wants to kill herself. She doesn’t knows that she is beautiful. Beautiful the way she is. Nothing is prettier than person’s heart. But did she know her worth? No, she don’t, she think she’d better die than living, to her, her life is disgusting. She doesn’t know she have to make her own happiness and whole new world. She can just change it in seconds. How? She has no idea. She thought she found a way, but she don’t. Tell her! not be that, falling apart thrice a day. I could wish she could feel what she said. Ask her! to show you, never tell cause you know her too well. She got a mood that I’d wish I could sell. Actually you don’t wanna be her anymore. You hate her, her everything. Everyone is depressed, even though models they’re going through such rough time. She thinks she was made from a broken mold. She tried to fit in the society and they broke her too hard. Ask her! to Just stop getting stress, and don’t feel the words anymore. They’re meaning less. We all say we’re fine but we don’t feel it. The emotional crisis I feel, I have. I’m saying I love myself while I’m actually telling myself that I don’t want to be myself anymore. My hands are getting cold as I’m getting old. They don’t know what happened but I know it all. Telling a face with mask is what makes you a whore.


Be yourself..

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Here are some post from the series yourself!

Love yourself, I’ll be posting embrace yourself soon ♡

I have a question, have you ever tried to copy someone? Maybe in a right way? Everyone has, I used to do it too. But as I grew up, i got to learn that instead of copying someone. We should make our own style. The way we live, we style should inspire other. Being inspired by someone is not wrong, but copying is not a chance as you can do it better your own. Because who know that how could you do better than him or her. You should have your own originality. People should get inspired by the way you look, you talk. I repeat that getting inspired is not a bad thing but may be it could be considered a good thing but copying Nah! It doesn’t work for everyone. Actually, being yourself is worth more than copying anyone else. You should try to be original as much as you can, enhance if you think that you’re not good at something. But never try to copy it from someone. Someone once said that

“Don’t set sail by using someone’s else star!”

You got it? Right. Let’s move on if you keep copying something remember you’ll always be one step behind them. Copying others is okay, but being original is an art. Because each one of us hate copycats, don’t we? There’s another saying

“You know you’re winning, when you see you’re being copied”

Don’t copy me, I’m tired of having a clone. It frustrates us sometimes, if someone does copies us. But it’s okay, as I said in the previous quote, it’s dope. Lol I’m sorry I’m so awkward. And also don’t forget to comment down what you think about this topic, I’m waiting for your comments.


Loads of love.

Rejection is just redirection..

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Sometimes, we get rejected. It could be from our family, friends, job or even a company. And it hurts right into your heart. It does right? As a personal experience Rejection is just redirection, how? Let me tell you. When you got rejected you get frustrated and become self-critical for some days. This anxiety destroys your life routine. And you get depression for some days. But remember, if you get rejected in something, it is a clear sign for you that you’d have something better than this. Don’t take it too serious, it only happens sometimes. If you got rejected by a company, you’ll simply get a job at a better company. If you pray to God, you do, everyone do. And after achieving what you wanted don’t forget to thank God. Here are some steps to help you with this case. Actually meditation can help relax your mind and make you feel good. It really helps. You can try religious meditation or normal meditation. As you know that praying is the best way you can get relaxed and satisfied. Pray for what you want to achieve. Be confident about yourself. And make yourself more better than before. It can help alot. You go rejected, it means God has better plans for you and you have something better coming to you. Here are some steps. That can help you deal with the rejection. And remember, not to overdose on this case. Just give your mind relaxation and try to make yourself better than before.

ThankYou xxDuaxx ♡♡

Remember! Donot discourage someone in what they do….

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Remember! Do not discourage someone in what they do. It really hurts. The pain goes straight to their heart as they’ve worked hard to complete that. I’ve experienced it alot in my life. Sometimes people interrupt in your life start calling your work wrong. I really request to each and everyone to not do it again. As everyone has experienced discouragement even once in their life. And they know the pain, how much it hurts. If you work hard on a thing and don’t get appreciate. Your heart breaks Into million pieces. It does happens. Imagine, if you did a lot of hard work for a project and then you just got discouraged as people say it’s not good. It happens. The person gets frustrated and have depression. Which is not good for someone’s health. You all know that everyone wants to get praised. Even you too, don’t you? Discouraging is not good for the worker or even the person. If you discourage some one you will not be liked in your society. Because, they will call you a bad personality just because Discouraging is like throwing water to someone’s art. It ruins everything, and the person ends up in pain. With alot of tears in their eyes. So appreciate everyone’s work, there is a better way if you think something is not correct, just suggest them to change it. Explain them as a friend. Thank you for understanding 🙂

Everyone makes mistake, but don’t repeat!

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It’s a new, a brand new day. And I hope I can do better than tomorrow. Even you should too. Just try to make yourself better and better, enhance your talent, your persona. That will help you with good reputation. As a person is known by the company he keeps. Everyday, we make some mistakes, but the next all we have to do is to try not to do it again or else if well repeat our mistake. Life will be colourless. No one would like us, Nobody would like to talk to us, meet us. So be careful, If you make any mistake today, try not to repeat that mistake again and ask God to forgive you for that. If you repeat the mistake again, God will not give you chance because he gave you one by saving you last time but if you do it again. Nah man, than your life can be called as failure. Some times we do mistake willingly and some time not. But you always need to try to do not make it tomorrow. Because, lying is not a chance. You will be never successful after a lie, after some days God punish you by revealing to everyone who you lied. And it makes your reputation worst in front of everyone. And you end up with nothing. But, Telling a truth, it might hurt for some time but you’ll be saved from worst reputation and as you follow God’s saying he will also help you in this. And donot lie, it won’t work, it never does! Remember!