It shall pass too, dear!

My Thoughts! My words!

A beautiful poetry you two extremely talented co-bloggers πŸ’•


She never leaves a chance to amaze me.
Whatever I say, she replies in poetry.

She is so gentle, she is so kind,
I believe we have a similar mind.

I blame her company to make me a full time poet,
But feels enlivened when she joins me for the duet.

My replies would make her giggle, bring her a smile
She gets so happy and twirls awhile.

Finally I say,
β€œI’m out of words now, seems I lost the battle.
Here, you won! Let’s settle.
But I want to tell you that I rarely open to a few,
Glad I stumbled upon your blogs and found you.”

Love will find it’s way if it is happened to be,
People living far away can bring comfort too
You just have to see.

Perhaps that’s when we start poeting like mad
To sustain our own fad.
Create for ourselves the poem…

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