14 things I’ve learned in 14 years! It’s my birthday!!

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It’s been 14 years since I was born. I’ve seen different phases of life. People differently treated me. I’ve learned alot of things in these 14 years. Some things gave a good lesson, some gave bad lessons.

Here are the fourteen things I’ve learned in fourteen years!

1) Never trust on someone.

I’ve been in many tragedies in my life, where people left me alone. As it is being said that people leave when you ask for help. That’s what happened in my life. Somehow people disappeared when I reached for help.

2) Never believe on rumours.

Never believe on a thing that is being heard, until it’s confirmed. Cause it’s a habit of people that they spread dirty rumours to throw dirt on someone’s face. So be careful.

3) Never reach for help to a stranger.

Never ask for help to someone if you don’t know them. Help should always be asked when you know the helper. Or else you might have no idea how they could hurt you.

4) Never share your feelings to someone.

If you share feelings with someone then make sure that they are keepers. It’s been a significant part of our society that they can’t resist without exposing your secrets to someone else.

5) Don’t worry if someone is Ignorant.

I’d probably be a problem with them. That they are being extremely ignorant to you. May be they think that you’re better than them (jealous) or they are just making you feel down, you don’t have to worry let them do what they want.

6) Never be in serious love.

You should never be in serious love, till you reach the age when you have to find a love. Till then, you have to keep up with your family and friend’s love.

7) Never allow someone interfere in your matters.

You’d personally won’t even like if someone interfere in your life. So take care if someone is trying to interfere. Cause a wall between them and your problems or create a distance from them.

8) Never take someone’s favour.

It’s my keen request to never accept someone’s favour till you know that they will keep it as a gift they gave you. Cause some people make you remember the favour they gave you and black mail you.

9) Never help someone till they ask.

It’s been a thinking that helping someone makes you happy. That is what we think as well. But in some cases. You should first ask if they need help and then get ready to deliver what happiness you can.

10) Make everyone happy.

Even if you think that you are not having the love you deserve, so start giving the love to someone who is not getting as well. As it is said, be what you want to see.

11) Smile while crying.

Smile at problems. Smile when you’re crying. Cause it helps you to go through all you’re going through. Laughing at your own self makes you happy.

12) Never expect from someone.

It’s been a thing that expectations always hurts. Never expect from anyone. Cause if the expectation doesn’t comes true it will make you unhappy and frustrated.

13) Help poors.

Rather than helping the ones around you help the ones that really need you. Who doesn’t have any one to care from them. So you gotta care for them and help them.

14) Let it go.

Let it go cause keeping it doesn’t help. If you let it go, happiness will shower on you. Forget the past and spark!

This is the 14 main things in learned in 14 years. Let me know if you learned anything from it. Have a nice day loves.

11 thoughts on “14 things I’ve learned in 14 years! It’s my birthday!!

  1. All your points are very important lessons you learned from!! Every point having their own value. Never trust on anyone, Never give your secret to others. Love is a thing which accidently happens. Smiling face and others is a good thing for happiness. Thanks for sharing your experience 😊

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