Good bye..!

My Thoughts! My words!

Hi guys! Hope you all are doing fine, today was my result and it’s not worth telling. And I’m being punished for not securing good marks, I’ll have to take a break from my blog to continue my studies. I’m sorry to all of readers, I hope you all won’t unfollow or forget me. Till then Bye! βœ‹And also I secured 9th position, 82.4% 😞I wish you all a happy life. May God bless you all with healthy life.

15 thoughts on “Good bye..!

  1. Hey My dear Dua! ! Never be discourage your self from not having a good friend, your family members are your best friend’s always. Not feel that you are alone books are your best friends when you are feeling alone, Try to give them time. I’m here having the same problem from my colleagues and they often call me psycho (nafsiyati). I’m angry over them and try to give them response. But I am not a pshycho. The main reason behind this that I am try not to make someone fool, try not to hurt someone, I try to make a good and safe way for those who need to be.
    So just believe on yourself and try feel free from these kind of thoughts and people’s. One day you feel better soon and having good friends around you. Qk sache insan k dost Kam r doshman zyada ban jate ha.

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