Liebster Award…!

It’s my first time winning a award and I’m super happy and excited and I have no words to explain my excitement, as I am a new blogger. Thank you so much to Kamran for nominating me for this award.

I’m too happy as only 2 months passes since I started blogging. I’m really really inspired by his blog, it is really versatile and interesting.


●Thank the blogger who nominated you.

●share 11 facts about yourself.

●Answer the 11 question blogger asked you.

●Nominate other bloggers.

●give 11 questions to nominees.

● Notify the nominees by commenting on their post.

11 facts about myself:-

1) I am From Pakistan, which is a really beautiful country.

2) I am student, I’m in grade 8.

3) I am in Bangtan Army, Since 14 February 2019.

4) I write what I think of, not others ideas.

5) I’m bullied for my ugly laugh, they say I’m a nightmare.

6) I love computer subject and I will do IT ENGINEERING in future inshallah.

7) I believe in the power of good intentions.

8) I want to become a example for others.

9) I love Chocolates, because who doesn’t?

10) I love to eat, I’m such a foodie.

11) I love when people respect and favour others.

My Nominations:-

Laiba Khan β™‘β™‘

Chloe Luna β™‘β™‘

Sadia Noor β™‘β™‘

saania β™‘β™‘


1) Who is your Ideal or Role Model?

2) what kind of music you like?

3) What have Studied?

4) What you prefer books or videos?

5) what is your hobby?

6) What are you expert at?

7) What is the one thing you love about yourself?

8) What is your biggest fear?

9) What can you not live without?

10) What is your favourite sports?

11) If you could travel to one country, what it’ll be?

Published by Dua Siddiqui

I'm A 14 year old girl, suffering from depression. showing the word what I go through and how I go through it. like and follow :)

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