Night is Fascinating….!

My Thoughts! My words!

Have you ever lay straight on a garden, at the night, looking at the sky. Doesn’t it feel fascinating? Like, it is such a beauty. The whole night view is a beauty, the moon and the stars look incredibly beautiful at night. And steal your sight by just shining. The sky seems most beautiful thing at the night. It is beautiful, and have a lovely scenery look. Thanks to God, who made this beautiful scenery to experience everyday. As I remember, being a child I used to lay at my roof and start to feel the beauty. We should try to find the beauty in everything, the night might seems dark, but it is the most alluring time of day. My favourite thing in the night time is that we could sleep right under the sky, and we can experience eye-catching look of the sky. If you haven’t try it yet, try it now. It feels the most delightful day you’ve ever experienced.

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