My Journey with BTS ☆

My Thoughts! My words!

Have you ever heard of Kpop? Kpop bands? Let me tell you. I’m a Kpop stan and I’m going to share my journey with BTS. How I got to know them, and how I feel about them! I didn’t knew about BTS OR KPOP till 2018. I was a belieber by then. I always caught three of my classmates talking about BTS. On 5 Feb 2019, I came and asked who are they? they explained me each and everything. As I went home, I saw the Fake Love Mv. And what happened is completely expected. I went JUNGKOOK on their voices with those moves. I liked it a little bit so I tried jamming it for some days and after, it became my favourite song of that time. My friends always caught me singing that. I was impressed with Fake love but not BTS by then and whenever I tried to listen another song, I don’t feel good and want to change it to Fake Love. In easy words I had an Obsession with Fake love, after some days I thought why shouldn’t I tried watching another mv. I searched BTS Most popular MV and ended up watching DNA. I really loved the vibes in that song. After some days of jamming, I started to watch introduction videos to find out who is who? Because you know they’re hard to differentiate at first look. The first one I got was Jin and I really liked his style and his confidence about his personality. I became a Jin stan before BTS Stan. I tried to learn their names and fake love ofc. At first I thought that the English lyrics are also sung by them but afterwards I got know that they are translated by bilingual Army’s. Some days went by and I started loving their music, like each and everyone. Each of the song became my favourite. I really loved to sing in a different language. I got to find that they had alot of fans all around the world. And also in PAKISTAN ♡ so here I became an Offical Army on 14 February 2019.

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