I’m not what you see…..

My Thoughts! My words!

I’m not what you see, what you heard and what you got to know from others! I’m what, I was before. I truly accept my past and my mistakes, and all of it is between my God and I. No one has right to speak to me on this. You might have heard alot of bad things about me, or even that I’m not a caring and nice person. You might have also heard that I hurt people’s feelings. But I’m not what you see, everyone has different inside and outside. If I seem like I’m rude, you should know that I might be frustrated. As I truly believe that I’m a loving, a caring person. People see what’s on outside and don’t know what’s going inside us. How much our inner selves hurt. How much we are going through. They just know how to throw mud on our face. I’m what I’m inside, I’m broken, I’m hurt and maybe I could call myself dead Inside. All those screams, shatters my heart. They see that I’m happy but they don’t even know that I cry tons of tears everday. They judge you, hate you. But thanks to God, who gave me power to suffer all these things and thanks to myself that I’ve learned to love myself.

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