Rejection is just redirection..

Helping you Out, My Thoughts! My words!

Sometimes, we get rejected. It could be from our family, friends, job or even a company. And it hurts right into your heart. It does right? As a personal experience Rejection is just redirection, how? Let me tell you. When you got rejected you get frustrated and become self-critical for some days. This anxiety destroys your life routine. And you get depression for some days. But remember, if you get rejected in something, it is a clear sign for you that you’d have something better than this. Don’t take it too serious, it only happens sometimes. If you got rejected by a company, you’ll simply get a job at a better company. If you pray to God, you do, everyone do. And after achieving what you wanted don’t forget to thank God. Here are some steps to help you with this case. Actually meditation can help relax your mind and make you feel good. It really helps. You can try religious meditation or normal meditation. As you know that praying is the best way you can get relaxed and satisfied. Pray for what you want to achieve. Be confident about yourself. And make yourself more better than before. It can help alot. You go rejected, it means God has better plans for you and you have something better coming to you. Here are some steps. That can help you deal with the rejection. And remember, not to overdose on this case. Just give your mind relaxation and try to make yourself better than before.

ThankYou xxDuaxx ♡♡

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