Deep words…


Everytime I felt bad. I start to cry. Cry helps alot, it removes stress from your mind. And help you through hard times. And also I just got discouraged sometimes and start writing something really awkward and also thanks to all my readers and commenters as I really appreciate it. Sometimes our mind gets blank and we have nothing to say, nothing to think about. We just feel bad about our life. It happened today, And everyday. I feel such a failure everyday. I came here to give motivation to people and they feel like I’m such a positive personality but nobody knows our inner selves. The deep thoughts inside our self our mind. They think we are, what we are on outside. And don’t even have a single idea about how harsh our life is. I’m not saying that only my life is harsh. Each and everyone’s is in pain and going through something bad in their life. But I feel like instead of discouraging and discrimination in someone’s life. We should help them out, and care about them, Instead of making fun of someone’s face, looks and thoughts. God made us all. He made us all differently. Some can speak, while some can’t. Some can walk, some can’t. Instead of making fun of them. We should help them. Respect them as they are not “Disabled But Differently able”. They can do things, which you can’t even think of.

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