Everyone makes mistake, but don’t repeat!

Helping you Out, Motivating

It’s a new, a brand new day. And I hope I can do better than tomorrow. Even you should too. Just try to make yourself better and better, enhance your talent, your persona. That will help you with good reputation. As a person is known by the company he keeps. Everyday, we make some mistakes, but the next all we have to do is to try not to do it again or else if well repeat our mistake. Life will be colourless. No one would like us, Nobody would like to talk to us, meet us. So be careful, If you make any mistake today, try not to repeat that mistake again and ask God to forgive you for that. If you repeat the mistake again, God will not give you chance because he gave you one by saving you last time but if you do it again. Nah man, than your life can be called as failure. Some times we do mistake willingly and some time not. But you always need to try to do not make it tomorrow. Because, lying is not a chance. You will be never successful after a lie, after some days God punish you by revealing to everyone who you lied. And it makes your reputation worst in front of everyone. And you end up with nothing. But, Telling a truth, it might hurt for some time but you’ll be saved from worst reputation and as you follow God’s saying he will also help you in this. And donot lie, it won’t work, it never does! Remember!

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