I hope I’m Okay!

My Thoughts! My words!

Only 9 days left, my schools are opening. And I have to start studying again. I do had homework still doing it told you In the previous blog. Umm, but I still don’t want school to open. I know I didn’t had fun this vacations not even visited a country because of Home work. Homework is more like my enemy from my last life. Lol, idk but why teacher gave a lot of home work this time. She just says that you should be busy or else you’ll be not working. Let’s leave it, i don’t want to talk about and feel hopeless. Lol, okay. I got a little disappointed last week about my blog and I also deleted a lot of my blog posts. I felt like nobody reads it, maybe few likes on some posts. I’m sad, but it’s okay. I’ve learned to be confident about myself. Thanks to all the people who encourage me because who doesn’t love to get encouraged, don’t you? I just hope that I can do it one day, it’s my dream to achieve 1000 followers. Which I hope some day I’ll make it. So, don’t think that I’m mad or something when I post awkward writings. I just get over hyped wrote so aggressively. But I hope I can get rid of my anger, my feelings and just be a normal person, and not being an sensitive one. Because I get hurt alot, even by little compliments which my parents or even my teacher give to me, but it’s okay! I just hope xxx ♡

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