A Brand New Day!


A new day comes. Each day goes and another day comes. The story is different everyday, some days you’re happy some days you’re sad. Some time you feel bad about life. And sometimes lifes gives you a big moment of joy. But what is next? We don’t know. We don’t know if we will be alive tomorrow or will I be happy tomorrow! We don’t know. Only God knows. God knows everything that is happening to us, that is what we all know. Tomorrow, might be i a little better or even worse. I don’t know but why we can only predict what’s tomorrow. Even predicting is not good for us. Because thinking tomorrow will be better, even we feel bad sometimes because life disappoints us sometimes. And after some time we don’t really feel good about our life as I said before. Actually, Life is something that gives us unexpected things. But you should believe in God, And feel like tomorrow will be better. Better than today. Let the world don’t decide what will happen next. Do what you want to do. Do what makes you happy. Do whatever you want. Whatever you want to do. Don’t care if life is hard, just don’t give a Damn, and be happy and confident about your life, your thoughts, even your dreams. Be confident about your dreams and your thoughts. And just be happy with yourself ♡

“I’m gonna swing from this chandelier,

I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t

_ Chandelier by Sia

These lines go with my topic today. A BRAND NEW DAY is a new song for BTS World. It’s by Jhope, Taehyung feat Zara Larsson. Here is the link. Go check it out!
Here ♡♡♡

It’s really good man,believe me! ♡

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