Me, Myself and I

My Thoughts! My words!

Hi! I’m back with nothing on my head. Actually, Today, I’ll be talking to you. Actually my life as a alone person isn’t really good. Without any friends. Friends are those who make you feel good and happy, you can share your thoughts with them. But what if you got no friends, friends I don’t have any. I don’t know why but everytime I make a friend, she doesn’t really like to talk to me, maybe because I speak thoughtfully, maybe idk because I speak like I’m the one who’s in pain and I try to tell her that I’m suffering, and she gets tired of me and start siting next to someone who is more fun and make her laugh more and I get disappointed that why it always seems hurting to me and not them. They feel like I’m psycho and they even say it sometimes and I’ll be like yeah i might be. But don’t really feel good about that. Because friends are something essential in our life and we need them to express our feelings, thoughts. But I, have nobody to share my feelings with, my thoughts with. I really like to sing in spare time I really want to make a youtube song cover channel, but I’m not allowed by my family. It’s okay, I’m living in Pakistan right now but I’ll be shifted to America in some years maybe 4 to 5. So there I’ll make my own channel, start singing because singing makes me feel good, it’s like a friend. It’s really good man, listening to it is really soothing, it relaxes my mind and

“I hope some day I’ll make it out of here,

Even if it takes a night or hundred years”

That’s what I think, thanks billie for these lines. I can fully relate but I really hope that some day I’ll be a famous singer and I’ll make my dreams come true. I believe in GOD and my dreams. But, I’m still disappointed as my family doesn’t appreciate my singing. They think that I can’t sing, but it’s okay!

Bye I hope you had a nice time reading my thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I

    1. Thank you so much 🌹 I’m surprised to see the amount of love you’ve left in my comment feed, I’m really happy ❤


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