Good things come to those who wait!


I’m sorry, I’m not posting again. I do my home work 6/7 but still alot is left. And I’m back. And I’m losing my views! And I’m sad but still I’ll write. Here you go. Today, I’m going to discuss a famous saying that

“good things comes to those who wait!”

Actually, waiting can help! How? Let’s see how, when you pray for something. God doesn’t ever deny your prayers, God’s reply can be in 3 ways.

1) Yes.

2) yes, but not now!

3) I have something better for you.

There is not any NO! Because your prayers are accepted. And also wait for something better, if your prayers are not accepted, this means that it may get accepted after some time or else God has a better idea for you, something better than that. So don’t worry! Just wait, waiting will help alot in this matter. Unfortunately, if you hurry and say that your prayers are not accepting than you need to wait just wait. Then you’ll get whatever you want, when your God wants to give you. Pray to God, ask him if you need any help. Asking God for help, will never ever disappoint you. And I hope (Inshallah) you’ll get whatever you want.

Moving to the second point that if we need something or want to achieve something all we have to work hard to get it and pray and wait! Because God will always help you in difficult times and never leave you alone. Pray to God if you need something, want to achieve something or any kind of goal any other thing. Just put you hand in front of you and ask God for help. That’s all that I meant to say.

Because, hurrying in a work is not a choice, you can never do something better if you hurry. Even if you got a limited time relax, sit back and make a schedule. Ask a friend for help and remember Wait! Cause if you don’t wait good things won’t come to you someday.

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