Why God Tests Us?


Hey guys!

How’re you? I hope you’re good and doing well. I’ve been inactive for some days because you know eid was here, so we have to attend dinner or Lunch parties! I’m apologising for it. And from today I will try to post everyday. But what I want to say just keep supporting me, your 1 follow means 100 blessings. Here, I have another topic, what is the purpose of our living. The only, and soul purpose of living is doing good deeds. God made us to testify, how we do in our lives or what we choose. Live is hard sometimes, but you should not worry about that. Because God is only testing you. Don’t ever think that God is doing something bad to you, because God never wants his humans to be in trouble. So that’s why we should be hopeful that tomorrow will be better than today. Life is harder sometimes, but don’t worry it will be better after some time. If you got into this time, pray to God! And don’t worry everything will be better. Because of sin, we are sometimes tested in our lifes. God tests us because, he wants to see if we will be Faithfull to him. Let us consider what a “test” is. We believe one valid definition is that a test is a challenge to measure your learning, growth, and development. Some people say that experience is the best teacher. Why is this not true? Because experience gives the test question first and the answer later, if at all.
So, don’t worry! That’s what I want to say, because good day will come to you someday. Maybe it could be after your death! Allah hafiz! (Goodbye as a muslim) and bye, will meet you in the next blog!

Dua Sid ♡

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