Today, I’m going to give a quick disclaimer about my blog! The disclaimer is that there might be some grammatical mistakes in my Blogs, this is because English is not my first language and also I haven’t taken any courses of English language. I have learned English by myself from watching YouTube! And also another thing I wanted to discuss that I’ve noticed that people are not interested in giving comments! But for me, your Comments mean the world to me. Make sure to comment on my Blogs as well and you can suggest me how to improve or what to correct. I will be very thankful to you. Loads of love ♡

3 thoughts on “DISCLAIMER!

  1. You are doing good. English is not my native language also, don’t worry about your English, no one is perfect. Your English will get better with time. Language is not so important as the feelings are. All that matters is to write with heart.

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