Do not Cheat In Your Exams!


How are you? Hope you doing well! Today, I’ve a topic revision and also an warning that you should not Cheat In Your Exams! It has a big reason behind it. If you gave the whole exam by studying nothing and just cheating, you will never able to find out what you’ve learned during the year. If you did it last year, don’t do it the next year. Because if you do that again you are ruining your future. If you didn’t remember an answer in your exam paper, and you asked your friend for the help! He might tell you wrong and you might fail in that exam. So that’s why cheating is not a solution. One day, I was giving my social studies paper and you know what happened, I didn’t remember the second part of the first question. I got frustrations I didn’t know what to do and my dad made me promise not to Cheat before. I started crying because of frustrations, I tried to remember the heading so I could rewrite it by myself. I asked God for help and he helped me by telling me the first word. As soon as i remember that first word i tried to remember what was it about and as my dad says that once you remember what was it about, you can simply write in your own words. I followed his words and wrote what I remember about that topic and Alhamdulliah! It worked with me so well that I got full marks and also my teacher said you just need to remember what you read in the lesson. That’s how I got full marks without cheating or asking from anyone else! You also if you can’t remember something don’t worry and write it by your own it would be much more better than cheating because cheating will cause you trouble if teacher caught you during that or else someone told you something wrong because you are using them. That’s why you should not Cheat and work honestly or else you will get in trouble. So promise me Donuts, that you will never ever Cheat again! Love you all ♡ also this topic was given by my beloved Uncle shoutout to him ♤

Love, Dua

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