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Hey there!Are you there? Lol, Today, I’m going to share some common questions which are always in the mind of fellow kpop stans. You can know me so well, from this blog. Kpop is trending around the world nowadays. There are alot of stans around the world and whenever they meet a stan. Their first question is who is your bias? Isn’t it. So here, I’m telling you all about my Kpop suggestions or opinions or whatever you will like to call it. I got this idea from @Chloe_luna. Make sure to check her out, follow her as well. Here is the link Midnight Wanderer.

Let’s get Started!

Q1:- My Favourite Band/Group?

My favourite band or group are

1) Bangtan Sonyeondan

2) Black Pink

3) Tomorrow X together

Q2:- My Bias from Each Group?

Okay, it’s easy to tell, here they are.

1) kim seokjin from BTS

2) jisoo from Black Pink

It’s not the actual picture, I edited it!

3) Taehyun From TXT

Q3:- My Bias Wreckers?

Okay! It’s kinda hard. Let me see if I can answer this.

1) Kim Namjoon & Park Jimin from BTS

2) Rosè from BlackPink

3) Yeonjun From TXT

Q4:- My Favourite Songs?

1) Spring Day & Save Me from BTS!

2) SOLO from Blackpink

3) CAT & DOG From TXT


SO GUYS! HERE ARE MY FAVOURITE EVERYTHING FROM MY FAVOURITE KPOP BAND!if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments down below, I will include in the part 2. Thanks for all the love and support. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL WITH THE BEST!


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