The Mask We Wear Everyday!


Welcome to another Blog! Today I’m going to discuss the matter in our society. The Mask We Wear Everyday! Not everyone does for itself. Even for society, The hardest part of living in society is to hide our disgrace. Even if we don’t want to, We have to do it for society. Our face, even if it is beautiful or not, we have to cover it. Makeup is the Mask I’m talking about, if you didn’t get it yet. Let’s talk about our society standards, They want us to be beautiful not knowing that beauty is in person’s heart. Yes, as I have said in my First Blog. In my opinion that beauty is persona or heart (سیرت ) it’s been a long time since this trend was started covering your inner beauty or pureness by makeup. Covering up your pores and acne with foundation, your dark circles from concealer. Do you think this is right? Some girls do is as fashion or they like it or sometimes they think they look more pretty with it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it or do it. I do it as well, thinking that I won’t look good in front of everyone who came with makeup. Covering up your face. That is the thing happens with some of the girls who don’t like to wear makeup but still get pressurised by their family or the standard of society, yes family also encourages her to do makeup saying that or else the society won’t accept you. I just want to stop this standard of society. Help me in this matter and tell me your thoughts in the comment.

As I always say:

No scars to your beautiful,

We’re stars and we’re beautiful.

Take care of yours, see you soon 😍😘

Love, Dua Siddiqui ♡

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