Racism is Biggest Problem!


I am Dua Siddiqui. And welcome to another blog. It’s been a thinking of our society, that being black is being ugly. That’s what the world think! And it is kinda disappointing point of view of people. What I think is that we should respect every colour, every religion. Because, Nobody wanted to be black, the only reason they are black because God wanted them to. As Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Said himself:

“No Arab has Any precedence over a non-Arab and vice versa, similarly, the white have no precedence over the black and vice versa. Precedence in Islam is based on Self Restraint”

Islam is the torch bearer of equality among the human beings. Islam rejects all kind of discrimination on the basis of race, language, caste, colour, wealth or poverty. Islam doesn’t allow any kind of discrimination between humans. And it says that two persons are brother to each other. That why we shouldn’t discrete the people who are black away from us. Because not only them I’m black as well. Every Pakistani or Indian suffer from this kind of hardships in their life. Not really hating, but I know every Pakistani or Indian girl has heard it atleast once in her life. So please stop these kinds of discrimination in someone’s life. This can ruin someone’s life. And also you who is suffering from this, leave these kind of people. People need subject to talk. Remember you’re beautiful the way you are and don’t change anything to make someone else happy. Do what makes you happy.

May God bless you

Love ♡ Dua

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