love poem

Making this evening beautiful,

Where did you fly away?

I didn’t knew I had to look for,

What you’re doing to us!

Now we both are trapped inside,

In this deadly world.

Now there is no space left,

Between You & I.

Why’d you become so reckless,

In this waves of grief?

These people are in search

For us to proclaim us,

Because they are the one,,

Who wanted to break us!

_ Dua Siddiqui.


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love poem, Poems!

Urge me to run away,

Across boundaries of wars,

And black mornings,

Eventually turning into ashes

While deafened by the cacophony.

Mothers prayed for their children ,

Prayed for a safe haven.

They saw the fading light of homes

Being burnt to death

While the epic glory of tireless bloodshed,

Made way into a deadspin of history.

Wombs were sought-after

For no Haven this safe exists.

For your punch on those keys,

Is a rebellion against the tide.

We were taught to dream,

For a home of fortitude, love.

Limping on my belief of mercy,

I mark you on that golden masonry.

Waving at me, flickering into this daunting sunlight.

We’ve certainly been raised,

In a way that dreads tears.

Being a guiding light on the verge of a shutdown,

In itself is a kryptonite.

To all those who yearn for home,

A place to delve and relish,

Savour and plenish,

Until our kinship outlives all the perils.

We’re too young to talk about “Home”.

Meaningless, yet a delight in one’s own plight.

We’re wearing sleeves, worth mourning,

In this stricken Paradise across borders.

There is no where they could find peace,

The people fighting hard to survive,

The moment ever had to happen

The moon and sun are the witness

Everything that happened was just a quick dream

We woke up again, now gotta feel the breaking

Not only the rough time was the reason.

Everyone was busy on the hurting,

Then a moment came when there was a generation gap

The people came had different aims

They want to connect and wanna feel that way

Always feel beloved to talk to them

May not that bad as we heard about them

But absolute lovely and helpful gentlemen.

There may be some sort of disruption

I had many assumptions, had to ask them if they are like that,

We’re might be in the chaos, and had no chance

But there still a connection between us

Our heart still beats with the beats of their hearts

Some of these people make you fall in love

I had a dream to have a lovely friend

Found a neighbouring country with a beautiful folks

I hope we still can leave together…

© Dua ▪ Samyak.


This is a collab between Me and my friend, A beautiful writter Samyak. Go show him some love. He is way too deserving 💕

Pic credit: Noor unnahar.

Pie in the sky.


There are thousands reasons

I should be here,

But the problem is

I don’t really care..

I’m a fearless soul,

Who loves to fly here and there..

You can’t trap me inside,

Cause I can’t bear

Can’t you see there are tears,

Which are ruining my prayers…

Hope you have to work dear,

Ain’t you got any pie in the sky..?

_ Dua Siddiqui.

Trodden voices..


Samyak, I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this post, again I was stalking your beautiful work 💕
Guys go share some love to this awesome and creative gentleman 🔥


“I’ve never been bruised..”

Never been bruised enough to proclaim my fidelity all across..
Hearts go on a round trip from moon and to each other’s needs..

Driving each other crazy like a mirage does in a cold desert!
Never been bruised enough to wage a war against beguiling rose petals and  glimmering moonlight..
Hearts go on a round trip to infiltrated bundles of hope to a treacherous doom..

“Naah, again!! Never been there!”

To be bruised by a soul so enamoring that you loathe yourself…loathe yourself on why such tranquil soothed you back then!!

You are livid at a mere reminisce and yet you feel famished..wanting for that “serenity”.
Doomed souls, after a passage, get enraged on the blood they bled, tears they gulped, breaths they missed..

“C’mon!! Come up with metaphors, good ones..!”(latent whisper)

Okay, have you ever stuttered at a mere sight of a bewitching beauty??

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love poem, Poems!

The fire burning beneath me,

Is getting higher..

It’s seems like we’re getting tired.

I have found a place,,

Around the bonfire…

Let’s have a conversation,,

And break the wall

I’ve been caught up

With a liar…

Don’t leave me this way,

Alone with suspense..

Make sure you bless me with your answer,,

I’m drooling to hear your ‘yes’..

_ Dua Siddiqui

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Shadow, Goodbye…


Would you be still there?

Or maybe you’d break down..

How will you react,,

when you find out?

That I’m no more..

Maybe you don’t care

Or a lil bit..!

Everyone do, I need to leave,

I can’t stay, I can’t breath…

This fire beneath, burning me hard

I’m losing myself, I’m losing my heart,.

Remember me always don’t miss me please…

To anyone who is reading,

Say goodbye to me,

You were a good person, and you’ll forever be

Just remember that you made someone smile

I might not be able to reply,,

Don’t forget to leave a word about me..!

Never try to become a shadow

for a soul who don’t have a body...!

_ Dua Siddiqui.


love poem

The first time my eyes met yours

And my heart started beating faster

I started sweating, my heart is kinda pounding

The racing beat of his heart,

Pulsated under my finger tips…

The first time I felt I had feelings

Or I could feel my heartbeat..

I could feel how I start stumbling on my words

Said something crazy instead of saying that

I don’t know what you’re to me..

But I can say you are ruining me…..

© Dua Siddiqui.


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I lost you to love me..

love poem, Poems!

I heard you got a new one

I really hope it’s a rumour

I was shocked to learn all about this

You replaced me within a month,

Like it was easy!

You’re the one who put fire on my dreams

I thought I was the one being lucky

But you made me feel I’m being damned

Or maybe you didn’t deserved me

Or maybe she’d be a lil better then me

But all I can tell you,

Is that I learned to love me after I lost you

Now I got,

I needed to lose you to love me..!

_ Dua Siddiqui.


Inspired by Selena Gomez’s new single lose you to love me…

Dear 2020,


Hi there..!

My dear year,

Please be nice!

May you give us an another opportunity,

May you help us achieve our dreams,

Many years come and go,

Alot of them did help us grow,

Each year brings a new awakening

A new morning like a new sun in the sky

The daylight of the new days occurs

Our hearts burns, as people turns

The turnings that made us a lil cry

Some end up dying, some alive

May you give us a new chance

A new beginning, a new start

May you help us living and work

Suppose you’re also with us

Help us love, help us!

_ Dua Siddiqui.

The Real Neat Blog Award..!

Motivating, Poems!

Thanks alot my dear sweetheart friend Kriti from Kriti Blog. She is an amazing human being and sweet person. I’ve been a friend of her since last few months. She is even sweeter then my whole chocolate collection in my fridge hehe.


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Her Questions to me:

  • 1) Are you a coffee or tea person (or else)?
  • I’m more of a coffee person. I love to drink coffee in morning such a nice energizer it is!
  • 2) Your favorite christmas memory?
  • Umm, I don’t have one, cause I don’t celebrate it but love the sales in the brands.. hehe
  • 3) Your favorite christmas movie?
  • I have none.
  • 4)Your bestest christmas present?
  • I never got any gift on Christmas, get me one!
  • 5) You ideal vacation destination?
  • Umm, India. Breaking the stereotypes, I love India.
  • 6) You best childhood memory and why?
  • Being happy cause I can’t find happiness anywhere now.
  • 7) Christmas for you is______?
  • Just okay, but it’s special for my dear friends who celebrate it 🙂

My Nominations:

Samyak Singh (Sam)

Edil christan

Sadia Noor



Kamran Hussain


Questions for nominees:

  • What place blogging holds in your life?
  • What one thing you can’t leave home without?
  • Tell me one word to describe me?
  • When life gets best?
  • What is the one thing you really adore in your life?
  • What are your real favourite colors?
  • What is the happiest thing happened in your childhood?

Left me alone.

love poem, Poems!

You promised,

you won’t leave..

I fell for it,

You left me alone…

I was all alone,

There was no one to help!

Where do I run?

Can’t find a way…

The doors are all distorted…..

The sky is dark!

Why is it not giving any sign?

I losing my way..!

Send help please!!

Or you’ll lose me too,

I will lose my life..

There will be nothing left..!

Instead of being caged..

Caged in a room with no windows!

There is a door,

But it is closed..!

It can’t be opened..!

It has no lock!

The door is your ego…..!

The room is your cage….!

The house is our love…..!

I love you but,

Trapping anyone in a cage!

Saying I love you is a lie,

A big lie..!

Which could make me die!

© duasiddiqui.





By my side.

love poem

The sweet scent of yours

Which I could smell from

A millions miles away..

But believe my baby I

Love to keep you by my side..

Your presence is a gift

I thank to Lord for it..

Thanks for existing

My love works like friction…

It goes straight from my heart to you

You’re my heart in this crew..

© duasiddiqui


For someone, I really love to keep by my side.

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love poem

Poetic words

Dripping down the page

Like dew on the grass on a Monday morning

How many days has it been since he started liking her?

He can’t count it anymore since it’s been too long

Right now, her name crossed his mind again

He thought it will never happen again

But everyday, his heart keeps yearning for her

He don’t really know how to calm himself whenever she is near

His mind tells him to run away but his heart says no

He says that he is Alright

But is getting internally cold

Time really flies so fast but why is he still stuck with her?

He wants to spend his days with her through good and bad times

Felt a rush of euphoria, In the wings of his dreams

But it’s just a dream, It doesn’t really exist

It is a storm of love, With the thunder of affection

Cause he gotta look for, What is he getting on!

In these waves of love..

© Mukul & Dua.


My first collaboration with a co-blogger ♡♡

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Escape from the cage.


Some how my life got better,

When he knocked in.

I forgot the way to the door,

From which I was locked in..

Somehow I started loving the cage

when my soul craved for his love..

And then my pluviophile soul,

Began to scream.

As it heard the sound of raining

It couldn’t resist..

I placed my hands on his hands..

And escaped with him, ran away from the cage..

And then I flew high in the sky,

To meet my pleasure..

Somehow I went in rain,

With my prisoner in my cage….

© duasiddiqui


Fiction, How I fell in love with my lover….

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I miss you friend.


Hey friend,

I miss you friend.

I miss our conversations.

I miss our friendship.

I miss our neighbourhood.

I miss you friend.

There was something

Different in you from others.

The spark of happiness

I find in you

Remember, when we called

Each other neighbours,

Living next to my country.

And how I called you!

I miss that man.

I miss you friend.

_ Dua


I wrote it for a friend I do miss,

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It shall pass too, dear!

My Thoughts! My words!

A beautiful poetry you two extremely talented co-bloggers 💕


She never leaves a chance to amaze me.
Whatever I say, she replies in poetry.

She is so gentle, she is so kind,
I believe we have a similar mind.

I blame her company to make me a full time poet,
But feels enlivened when she joins me for the duet.

My replies would make her giggle, bring her a smile
She gets so happy and twirls awhile.

Finally I say,
“I’m out of words now, seems I lost the battle.
Here, you won! Let’s settle.
But I want to tell you that I rarely open to a few,
Glad I stumbled upon your blogs and found you.”

Love will find it’s way if it is happened to be,
People living far away can bring comfort too
You just have to see.

Perhaps that’s when we start poeting like mad
To sustain our own fad.
Create for ourselves the poem…

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14 things I’ve learned in 14 years! It’s my birthday!!

Motivating, My Thoughts! My words!

It’s been 14 years since I was born. I’ve seen different phases of life. People differently treated me. I’ve learned alot of things in these 14 years. Some things gave a good lesson, some gave bad lessons.

Here are the fourteen things I’ve learned in fourteen years!

1) Never trust on someone.

I’ve been in many tragedies in my life, where people left me alone. As it is being said that people leave when you ask for help. That’s what happened in my life. Somehow people disappeared when I reached for help.

2) Never believe on rumours.

Never believe on a thing that is being heard, until it’s confirmed. Cause it’s a habit of people that they spread dirty rumours to throw dirt on someone’s face. So be careful.

3) Never reach for help to a stranger.

Never ask for help to someone if you don’t know them. Help should always be asked when you know the helper. Or else you might have no idea how they could hurt you.

4) Never share your feelings to someone.

If you share feelings with someone then make sure that they are keepers. It’s been a significant part of our society that they can’t resist without exposing your secrets to someone else.

5) Don’t worry if someone is Ignorant.

I’d probably be a problem with them. That they are being extremely ignorant to you. May be they think that you’re better than them (jealous) or they are just making you feel down, you don’t have to worry let them do what they want.

6) Never be in serious love.

You should never be in serious love, till you reach the age when you have to find a love. Till then, you have to keep up with your family and friend’s love.

7) Never allow someone interfere in your matters.

You’d personally won’t even like if someone interfere in your life. So take care if someone is trying to interfere. Cause a wall between them and your problems or create a distance from them.

8) Never take someone’s favour.

It’s my keen request to never accept someone’s favour till you know that they will keep it as a gift they gave you. Cause some people make you remember the favour they gave you and black mail you.

9) Never help someone till they ask.

It’s been a thinking that helping someone makes you happy. That is what we think as well. But in some cases. You should first ask if they need help and then get ready to deliver what happiness you can.

10) Make everyone happy.

Even if you think that you are not having the love you deserve, so start giving the love to someone who is not getting as well. As it is said, be what you want to see.

11) Smile while crying.

Smile at problems. Smile when you’re crying. Cause it helps you to go through all you’re going through. Laughing at your own self makes you happy.

12) Never expect from someone.

It’s been a thing that expectations always hurts. Never expect from anyone. Cause if the expectation doesn’t comes true it will make you unhappy and frustrated.

13) Help poors.

Rather than helping the ones around you help the ones that really need you. Who doesn’t have any one to care from them. So you gotta care for them and help them.

14) Let it go.

Let it go cause keeping it doesn’t help. If you let it go, happiness will shower on you. Forget the past and spark!

This is the 14 main things in learned in 14 years. Let me know if you learned anything from it. Have a nice day loves.

The heart of a lover.

love poem, My Thoughts! My words!, Poems!

Standing in a million

Still can find you

Don’t you think,

I really like you!

I don’t how it started

Or how it’d went

But I’m pretty sure

That I’ll have you till then..

You are the spark in my eyes

That shines brighter than the light

The moon and the sky

Now gives me no surprise

That your eyes do…!
© duasiddiqui


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Can’t take my eyes off you!

love poem

I’m sorry to say

But I’m done

I didn’t wanted to

But I fell in love

There is something

In your eyes

On which I couldn’t


There was something

Different from all those eyes

And I fell in love

With your ocean eyes……

Somehow I had no control

Your affection was beyond the sky

Which made me fly really high

In the dreams of getting

Love from you……

I still remember the day I met

The day I felt you in my veins

And somehow I had convinced

That thunder of your fiery eyes….
© DuaSiddiqui


This is inspired by someone’s eyes. Hoped you liked it. let me now in the comment section below!

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My Thoughts! My words!

Beautiful stars, beautiful like you..!

We were,

Gazing at the sky

The epic sunset at the side of sea

Where the river eddy whirls

Floating in the world of fascination

Your sweet scent, you’re my appetite

Spending some beautiful moments of life

With you..!


This was inspired by a poem, I read a few days ago.

Am I wrong?

My Thoughts! My words!, Poems!

You say that I used to annoy you

And I somehow destroyed you

Was I really that bad?

Do I really made you sad.

Now my heart is kinda heavy

I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.

But now I can’t even speak

A lil, because I don’t want to

I’m not happy anymore

The reason of my happiness was you

All you said was maybe right

I was ruining your bright life

But now, I’ve given myself a punish

I feel only like a rubbish

Kill me or make me die

Just don’t make me feel it, alright?

I’m still in pain because of your words

Was I wrong to be good?
© duasiddiqui


My Thoughts! My words!

I’ve tried too hard, To save myself

But I fell too hard, in the abyss

Can’t feel the words, you said to me

You say you did, Love me..

But I’m done being myself,

I’m done being Yours.

I’m not sure why, you’re doing this to me

Stop breaking me Apart,

Stop leaving me in the dark..

You said you won’t be bad,

And you won’t make me sad

I’m done..!
© duasiddiqui


My Thoughts! My words!

This maze we enter

This maze we call it


It’s hard as a rock

Sometimes we are strong

And sometimes weak

But the time we give up is when we let someone

Throw us across the sky

Then hitting the floor of depression..

We break in half

But when we love ourselves

We pass this floor

But the next is anxiety

And sometimes

It’s okay to cry

Its okay to scream

It’s okay to hate me

But it’s not okay to hate yourself

It’s not okay to put pressure on you

It’s not okay to keep the doors closed on your selves

It’s not okay to become a shadow for everyone

Not everyone deserves it…

If you feel like blood, sweat and tears people shed everyday

Then your exhausting wings feel a rush of euphoria..!

Good bye..!

My Thoughts! My words!

Hi guys! Hope you all are doing fine, today was my result and it’s not worth telling. And I’m being punished for not securing good marks, I’ll have to take a break from my blog to continue my studies. I’m sorry to all of readers, I hope you all won’t unfollow or forget me. Till then Bye! ✋And also I secured 9th position, 82.4% 😞I wish you all a happy life. May God bless you all with healthy life.

Travel Diary: Fairy Meadows.

My Thoughts! My words!

Sometimes, we are looking for a place of comfort, where we could take a break from outer world, and we can take a complete rest. I used to get frustrated from the world, amd then wished for a place to go and stay. For me, a place of comfort should be described as a beautiful village or where there are beautiful mountains, green grass, and fresh air to breathe. I used to go for a tour, to take a lil break from my rough life. Last year, I went to a place called fairy meadows, which is a place of pure beauty, the dusky mountains with a perfect view above that seems really pleasing, it’s fascinating. I’m sure, if you see it once, you’ll surely want to visit it. On 3 June 2018, we started our ride from karachi to lahore. After some days of staying and shopping, we started to travel to our real destiny. We went on train and buses, which changed it pathways. As soon as we reached it, it was night. And the night was so freaking beautiful, we could see the milky way right above our heads. That was the best day of my life, when I experienced the night view by myself…!

The pic is not by me

Credit: @XEESHAN.


My Thoughts! My words!

So, I’m back from a lil break, you might not call it an break because I was still posting during the break. My exams are over now and I’ll try to post constantly now as I am a lil dissapointed with my self, I’m not getting the appreciation, I used to get. But still, I’m okay with that as I know there are a lot lows and highs in our life. Thank you so much to all the reader, for supporting me and helping me in making my dreams come true. It is a really pleasure to be here. Thank to WordPress, for providing such a nice platform for whom who want to express their thoughts, their feelings. I also surpassed 100 followers during this time. Thanks to all of you, I wish you all a very good day! Don’t forget to pray for my result, I’ll surely tell you what I accomplished..!THANK YOU EVERYONE…!